Garden furniture is often investments in garden, patios and outdoor spaces. Not only does garden furniture allow you to relax in your garden throughout the year, garden furniture also adds a touch of personality and charm to your garden landscape. Like all garden tools and garden accessories garden furniture is not made to last forever, however there are some things you can do to protect your garden furniture from weather damage. This way you enjoy the garden furniture for years!

What about garden furniture covers?

Garden furniture covers play an important role in protecting your garden chairs, seats, benches or tables. A material cover will keep rain water or snow from making the surface of your garden seating wet. If this happens over time it can create mold and rot on the surface of your outdoor seating materials.

Garden chair covers also prevent insects such as ants, wasps and other crawling insects that may want to take up residence in garden furniture. A garden bench cover can also help protect your garden bench from being damaged by falling garden tools or heavy garden equipment such as a lawn mower.

You may think a garden furniture cover is an unnecessary expense but it will certainly pay itself back in the years to come! If you have some old spares of mattresses, old sheets and blankets around you could use them while they last. However covers made especially for garden furniture are available at garden centers, DIY stores and online websites like eBay.

Make sure you choose covers that fit your outdoor seating well; too loose and rain water will get inside the seat cushion, too tight and the wind will lift it. Also make sure there are enough ties or strings to keep the cover on the garden furniture securely.

How to fit garden furniture covers?

Before you fit your garden furniture cover it’s important that you shake or brush off as much dirt and dust as possible from your garden seats, garden table, benches or chairs. This way you could prolong their life and protect them from damage caused by debris such as unwanted garden plants.

Always remove garden cushions because they may not dry under a cover and could become moldy and rotten. Start by shaking or brushing off any excess debris then wipe down your garden seating material with a cloth soaked in warm water and detergent. Dry thoroughly, especially if there is rain forecasted for the next few days.

When the seats is completely dry lay out the garden lounge chair cover (or garden table cover) and secure garden furniture cover with garden string, garden ties or garden clothes pegs to the underside of your garden furniture. Tie the garden furniture cover as tightly as possible but not so tight that you damage garden seating material such as wood or wicker.

Make sure there are no wrinkles in the garden furniture cover and it is lying smoothly over garden seating material. Then remove any excess air from under the garden furniture covers by gathering up along the edge then tie a knot, or several knots to keep air out.

FAQ’s about garden chair covers:

Q 1. What is a good way to look after my outdoor use lounge chairs?

Ans: To ensure your outdoor lounge chairs stay looking beautiful for years make sure you store them inside when not in use. If they are exposed to the elements all year round garden lounge chairs may start to crack and fade in color.

Q 2. How can garden furniture covers prolong garden seating life?

Ans: If garden seating is not protected by garden furniture covers weather damage may occur. For instance garden wicker or rattan garden lounges may deteriorate when left outside in winter if there’s snow, ice or frost on the seating material. However you could prevent this by protecting your garden seating with garden chair covers made especially for outdoor use. This way you protect them from moisture that causes mold and rotting of garden wicker. Garden benches might split due to water damage therefore a bench cover can help stop water getting into cracks and causing rot.


Protect garden seating with garden furniture covers and garden lounges, garden benches and garden chairs will last longer. Making sure outdoor garden seating is covered when not in use also prevents mold and fungal growth caused by rain water damage.

When you take your garden lounge chairs, garden bench or garden patio table cover off check that it is completely dry before you pack it away for next time. If garden seating is damp, leave cover off and let garden furniture air until dry before putting garden lounge chair covers away for next time.

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