Over 4.5 billion people are active on social media. Although a few short years ago, social media wasn’t necessary to market a product or service, it’s now become the best tool to advertise.

With that comes the requirement for knowledge. Digital media is a great tool, but you need to know how to use it in order to be successful.

Here’s how to create a great social media marketing plan.

Choose Which Social Media

Not all social media is created equal. The best SEO practices for Instagram may not be the best practices for TikTok, and so on.

Therefore, you’ll want to decide which social media you’re going to focus on. Do some research and figure out where your target audience is most active, and which platform you have the best tools at your disposal for.

For example, if videos are the best way to demonstrate your product, you’ll want to pick a social media that focus on them. Videos don’t perform as well on Twitter as they do on, say, TikTok.

Get to Know the Audience

More than figuring out which social media your target audience is most active on, you’ll want to get to know them. This will help you market better.

Building a brand involves knowing your audience well. Look at accounts, look at who your target demographic is, and really take the time to research them.

When you start making posts, you can also ask for questions and feedback.

You can also figure out which types of posts to make this way. An older audience may appreciate more informative posts, whereas a younger one might be more into memes.

Get to Know the Competition

One of the best social media marketing tips is to get to know the competition. You need to know what they’re doing well, and where you can find gaps in the market and do better than them.

This is as simple as browsing other accounts with similar products and services. You don’t want to copy them, but it is a good idea to find out where they’re succeeding and where they might not be.

Create a Content Calendar

Once you’ve got an idea of what you should post and how to do it, you should create a content calendar.

People don’t engage with inactive accounts. They also may unfollow accounts that post too much and spam their feed.

Work out a consistent rhythm that feels good for your audience. You want to be reliably posting, but not clogging up your followers’ feeds with irrelevant memes all the time.

Create Great Content for Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Once you’ve done all this, you can figure out some great content for your social media marketing plan. Get to know your audience and the competition, figure out which social media you want to focus on, and then start planning your calendar.

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