Natural sources of water like rain which are seasonal are not enough for growing crops. In this case, an external water source is required for growing crops and ensuring cultivation throughout the year. Irrigation is one of the artificial methods used to provide the crops with an adequate amount of water needed for growth.

In the case of irrigation, water is supplied through artificial means like sprinklers, pipes, ditches, etc.

Importance of Irrigation:

  •  Proper watering can ensure agriculture throughout the year. Irregularity can be overcome using this.
  •  There are many lands under agriculture, and it is noticed that crop yields are higher where artificial watering is a source of water and lower in rainforest areas.   
  • Irrigating crops provide the required moisture supply to the soil for growth since dry soil will lead to unhealthy and bacterial crop growth.  
  • Irrigating crops also helps in multiple cropping. This will enhance the productivity of crops.                                                       
  •  Irrigating crops not only helps in providing a proper water supply for growing crops but also provides the required oxygen and hydrogen, which is essential for the proper growth of the plant root.
  • The irrigated soil has mineral nutrients that the plant absorbs, essential for the plant’s growth.
  • The amount of cultivated land can be increased. Depending on a natural water source like rain can be a risk; in this case, irrigating crops can ensure proper supply for any crop that has to be grown.   
  • An inadequate amount of rain can lead to famines and droughts. In this case, irrigating crops can turn out to be a lifesaver.   
  • Proper watering also contributes to poverty reduction as well as economic growth. An increase in productivity can increase income for the country as well.

Types of Irrigation: 

  •  Surface irrigation: In this type, water is distributed across the land through gravity. There is no pump required for this particular type of watering.   
  •  Drip irrigation: In this type, drops of water are transferred near the foot of the plant. This type of watering requires a lot of maintenance; hence it is not used as popular.   
  •  Localised irrigation: In this type, water is connected to each plant through a series of pipes under low pressure.                                     
  •  Manual irrigating: In this type, watering cans distribute water by manual labour. This is a very time-consuming process.    
  • Sprinkler irrigation: In this type, water is distributed from a mid-point location by high-pressure sprinklers from the moving platform.        
  • Sub-irrigating: In this type, water is distributed by raising the water tables through ditches and canals.       
  • Centre pivot irrigation: In this type, sprinklers move in a circular pattern to distribute water throughout.

There are multiple places from where one can get these facilities. Dowden’s pumping and water treatment company is one of them. This reliable company ensures the best quality and provides commercial, residential, and golf course irrigation. This has been a reliable brand for over the years now.

The problem of proper watering of crops has been solved by irrigating crops in a way that no one noticed its importance. This has benefitted not only the country but also the poor farmers and has also reduced unemployment. Cost can also be a

factor to keep in mind because not all farmers can afford the expensive machines. One of the drawbacks of artificial watering is that it can only be set up in large cropping fields due to its high charges and maintenance requirements. Keep visiting Technos Daily for more latest information.

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