What do you do when you want to find a doctor? Well, as late as 20 years ago, you would be consulting the white pages. But now, there’s something called Google. Google makes your life easier by putting ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ online. It’s now easier than ever to find a doctor. Well, did you know that companies also use Google to generate leads?

However, the process of lead generation services is constantly evolving. This article will discuss five trends to note in followed by the best Lead Generation Company in India in 2021. 

Top 5 trends in lead generation that you can’t ignore

And the top 5 trends that you must notice about lead generation services in India are:

Customized outreach with data that’s buyer-centric 

Make the customer king

when companies analyze buyer-centric data, they’re analyzing a lot of data that revolves around buyers. Most notably, it tells the companies where the buyers are in the buying cycle.

Approximately 87% of popular lead generation companies in India follow it. Many others are joining them because they see that this is the only way that they effectively find new people who are genuinely interested in their brands. 

Buyer-centric data is like a goldmine for companies because it allows them to create more accurate and effective buyer personas. The details tell these companies exactly what the people in their target markets want and expect from brands. It’s then easier for these companies to deliver exactly this with a personal touch.

As the Indian economy continues to reform, most Indian companies that want to actually make it and go global are finding that they must make the customer the center of the universe in terms of their marketing campaigns and efforts. Affordable lead generation companies in India are finding that this is the only way to generate leads that will easily turn into customers who are loyal and buy expensive brands in large quantities.

Coordinate Sales and Marketing better

Make sure that sales always sync with marketing perfectly, Just like peanut butter and jelly in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sales can’t exist without marketing. Many companies, especially those in India, saw their sales increase by a whopping 34% when they integrated their sales and marketing departments better. 

Marketing is crucial for companies because it helps them get high-quality leads who are easy to turn into actual customers. These customers tend to buy a lot from these companies. Many companies are finding that they have to revamp and improve upon their communication and other metrics used for sales and sales analysis.

Highly competitive lead generation Companies in India are working hard to ensure that their sales and marketing departments are always integrated. This makes it easier for them to sync the efforts of both departments to come up with marketing campaigns that actually convert and retain quality (those who are willing to always buy a lot) customers.

Keep more customers by putting the customer at the center. 

The customer should be at the center of the marketing universe. Well, those companies are finding that they can keep more customers by putting them at the center of their marketing campaigns. After all, the customers are the ones who will eventually buy from these companies. 

Companies find that they have an easier time generating leads if they just create and design marketing campaigns that focus on what customers actually want and need from their brands. This is crucial since there are lots of other companies out there in any industry. Customers can easily switch loyalties if they see that another company sells a better brand that they really want and need!

Most people in India who surf the net even occasionally see approximately 5,000 ads. And that’s every day too! They see these on social media platforms, various websites, etc. When companies engage in marketing that focuses on the customer, they find that something magical happens. They can actually create new marketing strategies that target specific people in target audiences who want to buy their brands. In case you’re wondering, this is referred to as Account-Based Marketing.

Indian companies are finding that they have to adopt this approach to marketing, especially if they want to wander into foreign markets in search of new customers.

Video marketing rules

Companies are finding that they can sell everything under the Sun with videos.

Yes, videos are that powerful! Many companies that do research predict that 82% of people who go online will see brands advertised through some sort of video content, even if it’s only occasionally. And that’s just in India. 

Video marketing is key for companies because they’re finding that this is the best way to get customers to interact with their brands. When customers experience brands, they are more likely to buy them (brands) immediately. But videos also include customer testimonials. Why? Well, because mountains of research show that customers are more willing to buy on the spot if they hear good reviews about brands from people who have bought and used them (brands) before. Customers consider it to be like a seal of approval for the brand.

Product demonstrations that go into detail are the best way that companies can create user experience and engagement. Many companies in India are finding that video marketing keeps more people on landing pages long enough to buy brands and submit contact information. The same is true for lead generation forms.

Robot’s rule

Automation is the wave of the future

Many mundane and repetitive tasks will be automated. This will make marketing campaigns easier because it will (believe it or not) make the lead generation task much easier. This will give more scope for marketing and salespeople to listen to what the customers and prospects are actually looking for in a brand and how they expect it to help them. 

Wrapping up

Lead generation will be different in the future.

As is evident, lead generation will diverge from what it was in the past. COVID-19 pushed the world further into the digital era and necessitated this. In the future, lead generation companies in India will be driven by marketing strategies that are focused on the customer.

These strategies will educate customers about every aspect of the brand. They’ll also highlight key features and explain why customers and prospects should care enough about the brands to buy them. Companies are already finding that this is helping them generate more leads! Given this reality, the best lead generation company in India is wholeheartedly embracing the trends that are sweeping digital marketing and transforming the lead generation process!

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