Propane has been used for lighting for centuries. LED lighting, on the other hand, wasn’t invented until the 1960s. Does that make propane lanterns superior?

While propane lanterns still serve a distinct purpose, replacing propane with an LED lantern comes with a number of benefits. It all comes down to your personal needs.

So, how can you decide which one to use?

Read on for our guide to the most important differences between LED lanterns vs propane lanterns.

What Is an LED Lantern?

LED stands for light-emitting diode and refers to a type of bulb. LED lighting is bright and usually white in color. While all LED lanterns use LED bulbs, they can rely on a few different kinds of batteries, including alkaline and lithium.

Nowadays, many LED lanterns are rechargeable. Some even recharge using solar power or portable USB packs. While you may have to replace rechargeable batteries after a few years, you’ll get plenty of use out of them, first.

What Is a Propane Lantern?

Propane is a liquified version of petroleum gas. Rather than relying on a bulb and battery, propane lanterns rely on the heat produced by burning propane. When the propane is lit, the heat rises to the mesh mantles and lights them up.

Propane produces one of the brightest lights of any outdoor or camping lantern. As long as you have a steady supply of propane, you don’t have to worry about not having light when you need it.

Why Is LED Usually the Better Choice?

While propane lanterns have their pros, the cons tend to outweigh them, making LED camping lanterns and outdoor LED lanterns the better choice. With styles like the ones offered by Barebones lights, you can enjoy the vintage style of propane lanterns without the hassle.

LED lanterns are safer to use indoors and out. Propane lanterns are not safe to use inside and they’re hot to the touch, making them unsafe to use around children and pets. LED lanterns do not heat up no matter how long you use them, nor do they present a fire hazard.

Having an emergency propane lantern on hand is never a bad idea. In the event of a power outage, you can rely on propane even after your LED lantern batteries run out. That being said, rechargeable batteries are better for the environment and your wallet than propane, making them the better choice for regular use.

Stock Up On LED for Long-Lasting Use

When you’re trying to decide between an LED lantern and a propane lantern, we’ll almost always suggest LED. You can find anything from an LED camping lantern to LED lantern lights and no matter what, they’ll be safer and more energy-efficient to use. While propane is good in an emergency, LED is better for long-lasting use.

Looking for more ways to fill your home and yard with ambient light and a great atmosphere? Take a look around for more buying guides and decorative advice. Also, read 5 Things to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Power Station.

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