In March 2008, 91 per cent of South Australian houses had a heater, compared with 77 per cent of Australian households. Approximately two-thirds of such homes in Australia still had a single heater, while roughly a fourth had two.

From 1999 to 2008, the fraction of South Australian houses having multiple heaters fell from 38% to 31%. This decline might be attributed in part to an increasing trend among homes to install heaters, such as duct technologies eliminating the need for individual warmers. With such huge demand for heaters, demand for gas heater repairs in Canberra has grown. 

Gas heaters must be set up and maintained by a skilled and licensed gasfitter. A faulty heater might cause a disaster or contaminate the property with hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide.

To maintain the family safe, get the gas heater maintained at least once every two years by a competent gasfitter.

Safety alerts: 

Always look up websites and talk with experts like local gas heater repair in Canberra to understand the different types of gas heaters that one should avoid. This can also help people to find the right heater for their homes!

Potential hazards!

A malfunctioning gas heater may be extremely dangerous to one’s safety. Carbon monoxide from a malfunctioning gas heater may create chronic illnesses that appear to be far worse and therefore only happen when the heating is turned on. Carbon monoxide has no tint and no scent. Carbon monoxide emissions in the air are extremely hazardous and can cause individuals to faint or die.

  • Lengthy carbon monoxide contamination can also cause bad reasoning and focus, behavioural fluctuation, impatience, and hyperactivity. Carbon monoxide overdose indicators are non-specific and might be confused with a flu-like sickness or even foodborne illness. Carbon monoxide at extremely high amounts can induce unconsciousness, convulsions, and fatality.
  • If people believe that they are being impacted by carbon monoxide, open the doors, switch off the device, and walk outdoors to get some clean air. Go to the doctor to see if your symptoms are related to carbon monoxide, and check your gas heater before using it again.

Servicing of heaters!

All varieties of gas heaters must be maintained and checked for carbon monoxide leakage at least every two years by a certified gasfitter. All central heating systems, heaters, wall units, and gas log fireplaces are included.

If people rent their property, the landlord must guarantee that a professional or qualified gas fitter performs a full gas inspection on all gas systems and connections every two years. At the homeowner’s request, providers must also submit the most current full inspection date in detail. Many professional agencies help people with gas heater repairs in Canberra.

Old gas heaters!

The heating system will not run indefinitely. Certain heaters can always be fixed for safety concerns, and replacing outdated heaters is not always accessible. If the heater is over 15 to 20 years old, this might not be practical or worthwhile for the service technician to repair it. Consult with the licenced gasfitter.

Inside the house, outdated unflued gas heaters may not satisfy modern emission requirements. Unflued gas heaters take air from the area and release carbon monoxide back into the very same environment where the heater is placed, which can cause significant health issues, including death.

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