Marketers across the globe are facing budgetary challenges. The COVID19 pandemic has negatively impacted marketing budgets across various industries and companies. According to a recent study –

  • Before the COVID19 pandemic, brands were spending over 11% of their annual revenues on marketing efforts. In 2021, brands only spent 6.4% of their annual revenues on marketing.
  • Top brands with large-scale marketing budgets plan to increase their marketing budgets in 2022 and beyond. The out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector, in particular, grew strongly in 2021.
  • 88% of the country’s leading OOH advertisers increased their outdoor marketing budgets in 2021.

If you’re a small-scale business owner with a tiny marketing budget, these numbers must concern you. Don’t worry – with the right marketing tools; you can launch successful indoor or outdoor marketing campaigns without overspending. The trick is buying durable marketing materials and maintaining them properly to extend their lifespans.

Custom-printed step and repeat banners are must-have marketing tools for all brands. Brand leaders use these banners to gain brand exposure at marketing events, business conferences, etc. Well-designed step & repeat banners can represent your brand in various settings, from tradeshows to storefronts.

However, if you’re planning to cut marketing expenditure, making these banners last as long as possible is very important. Thankfully, high-quality step & repeat banners are relatively easy to maintain. Just follow these basic guidelines –

Pick the Right Banner Material

Step & repeat banners can last for decades, only if they’re made of super-durable materials. A step & repeat banner made of paper won’t last for a month. But, banners made of synthetic and UV-resistant materials like vinyl are extremely durable. They don’t get damaged easily.

If you maintain your vinyl step & repeat banners properly, they won’t fade, wear out, or crack for many years. Vinyl is resistant to UV rays from the sun, moisture, and humidity. You can use your vinyl step & repeat banners indoors and outdoors for several years. Cleaning vinyl banners is also pretty easy.

Cleaning the Banners

Use soft, non-abrasive cloths (preferably microfiber cloths) to wipe down your step & repeat banners. Wipe the banners after every time you use them. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or detergents. These solvents may fade the color or the graphics on your step & repeat banners.

Only use mild soap and water (free from chemicals) to wipe down your banners. Avoid using paper tissues or towels as they may leave abrasive watermarks on the banner’s surface. Once you wipe down your vinyl step & repeat banner, it will regain its shine.

Dry and Store the Banners

Never use a step & repeat banner directly after cleaning it. The water on the banner’s surface may react with sunlight or pollutants in the air to make matters worse. Instead, wipe off all the soap/water from the banner and dry it in a dry, cool place. Make sure no sunlight reaches this storage spot.

Always roll large step & repeat banners vertically. Roll them up and store them inside clean and dry cupboards. Use the banners periodically. Maintain these guidelines, and your step & repeat banners will last longer than you expect! Also know how Custom Flag Helps You To Reinforce Your Company.

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