If you are a long-time macOS user and have recently switched to Windows, this article will help you a lot to get along with the new operating system. As long as the interface is concerned, both the macOS and Windows offer the best experience to their users. However, if you find the macOS interface more intuitive and looking for ways to customize Windows to look like a Mac, here are a few tips and tweaks to help you in achieving the desired outcome.

Use Themes and Skins

Using a skin pack is the easiest way by which you can give Windows a look very similar to Mac. You can search the web to find some captivating skin options according to your Windows version. There might be some free or paid options available on the web. The skin will change the apps, folder icons, wallpaper and will also add an Apple logo at the top. It will also give a dark version which you can use at night time.

Change Your Startup Menu

The next thing you can do to make your Windows computer more macOS-like is to organize your Start menu. The Start menu in Windows is a fancy way of showing your folders and apps. Many random games and apps can be removed, and the new one can be added so that you can be able to navigate easily.

Although you can’t customize the Start menu much, you can still choose to remove some of the folders by moving apps from the folders into the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders.

To do this, right-click on an app and click Pin to Start. The app will appear as a tile in the App list. You can also resize the tile in the menu or can also color it as per your preference in the Windows setting Personalization Menu.

Check Used & Available Storage

On your macOS computer, you used to check the used and available storage on the drive through the Activity Monitor. Similarly, on your Windows computer, you have a Storage window that allows you to check the available space. If you wish to check the processes that are consuming much space or consuming higher resources, you may navigate to the Task Manager.

If you want to learn to check the storage, select the Start button and click Settings. Next, click System and then tap on Storage. The bar displayed in the Storage window will enable you to check the used as well as the available space on your computer’s hard drive.

Consider the Taskbar at the Top

If you have used macOS before, then you might be habitual of looking at the taskbar from the top of your screen, and it also gives a relaxing effect to your eyes. So, to place your taskbar at the top of your screen, you need to first move your cursor at the taskbar and right-click; a window will open there, click on Taskbar settings. After that, a new window will appear, click on or off to Lock the taskbar, then scroll down. You will find a change in the location of the taskbar as it moves to the top.

Switch to Dark Mode

Another thing you can do to customize your Windows is to change to the Dark mode. If you want your computer to change from light to dark mode automatically, then this setting is for you. All you need to do is go to the taskbar, then click on Setting. At the search bar, type Night Light and a window will appear. Next, tap on Turn it now, adjust the strength of the night light suitable to your eyes.

You can also click on the Night Light Schedule, adjust the time you would like, and it’s done. Now the light will automatically change into dark mode as per the time set by you. You can also set the dark setting of your screen as per day and night. In this feature, the screen will automatically switch from light to dark and dark to light as per the sunrise and sunset timing of your location.

Remap Alt and Ctrl Settings

If you have recently switched to MS Windows from the MacBook’s operating system, then you might face difficulty while using the shortcut keys in Windows. It is not an easy task to memorize the settings of all the operating systems. It is quite difficult to remap Alt to act as a Command key on your Windows keyboard. 

All you need to do is download third-party software that allows you to rewrite a key function in your Windows computer. You can change the key setting from Alt to Command using a responsive third-party app.

The Conclusion

These settings will help you to make your Windows computer more macOS-like while allowing you to learn more about the new operating system. Moreover, these tips will help you work more productively on the new computer. 

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