In this article, we are going to share about Mangastream and its alternatives. Is Mangastream down? What is Mangastream? What happened to Mangastream? These are all popular questions and asked by many users on Google, Reddit, and other social platforms. This post will share all the manga stream details and share the best alternatives to read manga online.

A manga is a Japanese based novel and comic with Japanese style scribble art, which we commonly see in anime. As Manga is now considered a leisure comic with a wide variety of genres, it also has traces in Japanese history.

A manga culture was started in the early 19th century. This article will cover about most popular Japanese Manga website, Mangastream, and we will tell you about the 10 best alternative websites for Mangastream.

What Is MangaStream?

MangaStream was the most popular website, which was greatly known for high-quality manga comics free at cost. As for manga readers, Mangastream was a pure haven providing the comic service with great quality for almost 10 years. The manageability and easy control with a wide variety of comics was a great feature that allowed manga readers to reach for the website and be connected over the years.

People of age, irrespective of their taste, preferences’ or language, loves to read Manga. Japanese Manga has a separate fan base, almost the same as anime. Mangastream’s biggest advantage was to foreign readers who are obsessed with Manga as it was translated mainly in English.

What happened to Mangastream? Is Mangastream down?

What happened to Mangastream?

As being a Manga lover and a regular reader, you must have noticed that the website is down for many days. In the Twitter handle of Mangastream, the tweets and conflicts are visibly being deleted as Manga creators are pressurizing them to bring the website down.

As you have seen on Webtoon or any other app, the Manga is mostly available with a pay as it is a permanent job in Japan to be a Manga creator’s free contents will be leading to their loss.

Hence, obviously pressurizing the website to close down. There is still a clone website, but it frequently breaks as the matter of legitimacy still is unsolved by the Mangastream. The team of Mangastream has still not given an official statement for us to clearly know what’s going on.

10 Best Alternative Manga Sites For Mangastream

It’s sad that our favourite website is down but how to catch the manga series you have been missing because the website is down. We present you the 10 best alternative Manga Sites for Mangastream will you will not regret.


The website will give you the same experience as Mangastream. Also, the Mangadex has its own community of passionate readers. Anyone can post comments, join the group, and enjoy Manga in several different languages, including English.

It also provides you with the fan community as Manga’s having fan-created ending are available. Also, there is an option of colored Manga or b/w Manga you can choose from. The interfaced is the old theme, and the quality still mediocre, but it’s still a pretty decent website to be considered.

Website URL:

2. KissManga 

If you watch J-drama, it is common for you to linger around this site for once as it provides an exclusive comic that was made into a drama. Kissmanga has a massive collection of every genre with over 1000000 manga collection, which is also of high quality and is translated into English. It, too, has a community where you can comment and share your thoughts.

Every Manga is given its own space with which people can connect. Kissmanga also has regular updates and pin notifications providing you with a favorites slot to save and follow your Manga. Kissmanga is also a good option unless you are tolerant of seeing ads popping up after every chapter.

Website URL:

3. MangaPanda

Mangapanda has a lot of resemblance to MangaStream and also have a guide called to surprise me for the new users as we all know Japanese website can be cute and confusing sometimes filled with ads.

If you are new and don’t know or find it confusing to use or access websites, this is the best option you could consider as it also provides high-quality free translated Manga.

Website URL:

4. Manga Reborn

Manga reborn has a community that offers regular updates and new ones on your favorite Manga, which you follow up on. You will need to create a completely free Id, and then you can also join the chat forum as your favorite character or a manga fan.

The chatroom is friendly and filled with Manga readers to who you can easily connect. The Manga is translated with a modern interface you can enjoy your time with. 

Website URL:

5. MangaOwl

A friendly user face with very organized sections and regular updates. MangaOwl is an excellent and free website for manga reader which offers comprehensive, high-quality Manga.

The website also has a rate and views display section for the user as it will help them find a great manga that a trending or hot topic with good ratings. It is also famous for its service for the launch of WSJ sequence episodes before the official launch.

Website URL:

6. Manganelo

Manganelo website offers a massive collection of 40+ genres with a featured page showing trending manga and newly added manga with regular updates. The website is user friendly and easy to use.

It’s a good website for manga readers as 2 of the primary manga search engines use this website. The most significant advantage of this website is the manga images of the articular chapter are download at once, which can be helpful while saving the data.

Website URL:

7. Mangahere

A website that consists of Japanese manga and manga and comics worldwide provides a high-quality user face and friendly guide and provides a massive collection of manga in the translated version.

It also has a community and a spoiler section where you can talk and discuss manga after reading it. It is so popular that it needs to keep changing its URL to protect itself from DMCA.

Website URL:

8. MangaFox

MangaFox is a trendy website with a massive collection of manga. The organized and presentable the website made it very popular as it is straightforward to use and has regular updates concerning official release.

Due to its popularity, there are fake websites crowded all at once. You must look for a website managed by The app is not available in any store, but you can download it from its official website for a better experience.

Website URL:

9. MangaFreak

Mangafreak is an okayish yet popular website that provides high-quality scans for manga and is indeed organized, not much with packet or crowded website. Mangafreak is comfortable, and not much variety is offered, but it is still a good collection with clear graphics and various translations.

It has a history section, which keeps it classic cool as you can always start from where you left. MangaFreak offers you to download the whole comic, which is a great feature that most websites lack.

Website URL:

10. TenManga

TenManga is a new website offering a wide variety of manga with over 55+ genres growing relatively popular after Mangastream is down. As its simple user face and no copied website does not create doubt among users, it is also translated in various languages, not very instant with updates.

Still, you can always read the completed book. It also provides search navigation from the first number or letter of the manga.

Website URL:

One more website you may visit is Vyvymanga.


Now, that we don’t know what the future of MangaStream is and as it is down for a while now. A common question arises from where we can read our manga if MangaStream has been closed. 

Mangastream was a great platform but surrounded by problems; hence the list of 10 best alternatives was covered in the article so that your love for manga continues even after the MangaStream. To read more informative content like this visit Technos Daily and also let us know if you like this article in the comment section.

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