The ongoing pandemic began in December 2019, and many countries have been in a long draw lockdown for almost a year and a half. As such, experts suggest at least 60 – 90 minutes of workout every day for optimal health in a normal situation. It is important since there is a risk of developing lethargic behaviour that inevitably results in a sedentary lifestyle.

In the meantime, several agencies are working on meal delivery in Sydney and allied areas to encourage more people to work out and eat healthily. And reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that less than 30% of Aussies participate in physical activities. However, over 50% of Aussies eat out at least three times a week. These facts point towards the idea that better fitness plans and meals are a necessity to healthily combat this pandemic and any infection that comes your way.

Basic Workout Demands

The World Health Organisation recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic workout or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise a week. And the best workout plan would be to combine both and create a balanced routine to follow every day. Meanwhile, spreading out the workout plan throughout the week ensures that one does not overwork the muscles and fall sick.

As such, a balanced diet that supports your workout regime is vital in maximising the benefits of working out. This is because food is a significant determinant in how one’s body burns calories and metabolises energy. Hence, consuming the correct amount and type of food and fluids before, during and after a workout dramatically influences the calories one burns, and proper food helps stabilise the blood glucose level during movements, preventing you from feeling drained out and dizzy.

Meal Plans

Meal plans make an essential part of any gym workout. As such, gym trainers closely work with nutritionists to assess the dietary requirements based on the intensity of the training, body structure and active time per week. In the meantime, statistics report that the nutritional practices in Sydney are not very balanced as only 7% of the local population meet their daily vegetable intake requirement.

In the meantime, many services offer meal delivery in Sydney and nearby areas and focus on crafting menus in line with such meal plans. These meals can be customised wholly based on what is suggested for the individual. So, if beginners are confused about which dinner to opt for, these services offer fixed sets based on either goals or dietary types.

Goal-based diets include:

  • Meals for Anyone Set: This starter food pack consists of a balanced proportion of everything needed to optimise workouts. These dishes have the right balance, from rice and curry to steak bites, and come in regular and large sizes.
  • Weight Loss Set: This set is designed for people who want to reduce weight and keep fit. Such diets will be rich in fibrous foods like lentils and many liquids. 
  • Lean & Fit Set: This is for ongoing gym users, and these meals are also wholesome, balanced diets that come with many greens and veggies for added metabolism. This is quite popular in Sydney as many gyms in Sydney consist of holistic fitness plans instead of muscle building.
  • Muscle Build Set: The muscle build set is for people who want to bulk up through extensive workouts. These meals are rich in protein and often have whey protein shakes to help the body break down protein better.

Fixed diet sets include:

  • Keto Set: Keto diets are popularly associated with weight loss. These meals are low in carbohydrates but very high in protein. 
  • Glutenfree Set: Gluten is a protein found in wheat and barley. Since it provides no essential nutrients and might trigger allergic reactions, people opt for gluten-free diets. These meals typically consist of veggies, buckwheat, lentils, among others.

we hope you like this article, let us know in the comment section if you have any questions. also read The Innumerable Health Benefits Of Protein Powders.

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