Minimalism is a trend that has been sweeping the nation. The simplicity, functionality, comfort, and aesthetic that this design movement embodies has won the hearts of many, especially during the pandemic.

With everyone staying indoors, observations about interior design and the home environment have been profound. Many families admitted to having messy homes, which was revealed to cause unhappiness and add to the stress that the pandemic has brought. 

Thus, people turned to minimalism. 

Scandinavian furniture is the best thing you can bring into your home to get rid of the mess and have a simple and clean interior that minimalism stands for.

However, you don’t have to throw away all of your existing furniture. You can mix and match your designs with your Scandinavian pieces and still achieve a minimalist home environment.

And here’s how you do it.

Scandi-Boho Theme

The Bohemian style is purely personal. It is dynamic and doesn’t rely on structure. 

If you like this kind of carefree design and already have some Boho furniture, you can still match your Scandinavian furniture with it and end up with a minimalist interior.

As always, start with a white base. Then, you can begin integrating colour into your home.

The wooden chairs, tables, and other furniture that Scandinavian style is known for works best as the main pieces in whatever room you put them in. The more colourful Bohemian style, on the other hand, can be placed as an accent. 

With these two styles, make sure you follow the 80/20 rule, which means one design type should be 80% while the other should only be 20%.

Eclectic and Scandinavian 

While some people interchange the Bohemian and Eclectic styles, the latter is more dependent on design rules. This means that the elements of balance, proportion, and scale are still evident, and it is usually a picture of contrast.

Thus, mixing simple Scandinavian furniture and unique Eclectic pieces is actually complementary. Just remember to stick with neutral shades as the primary colour and add whatever accent you want. 

But be careful to steer clear of clutter. Having five Eclectic pieces in a room is acceptable. However, more than that becomes too much.

Victorian Plus Scandinavian

Mixing Victorian and Scandinavian styles may not be a good idea. After all, one is lavish with lots of ornate details, while the other is neat and simple. It can’t get more opposite than that.

However, mixing these two interior designs is a great way to edge a minimalist home. As long as you start decorating with a Scandinavian theme and finish with your Victorian pieces as accent furniture and decors, you still get that clutter-free look. Your home will look simple and organised with just a touch of luxury.

Modern Scandinavian

A blend of modern design and Scandinavian items is probably the most popular interior design today. It is simple, uncomplicated, has many clean and open spaces, and utilises different materials that add interest, personality, and aesthetic to any place.

However, when mixing and matching Scandinavian and modern stuff, you need to bear in mind to always work with less – less furniture, less colour, less decoration.

White and neutral-coloured furniture is excellent with the modern Scandinavian design. But add a bright, bold colour or a dark shade for contrast. And don’t forget to clear spaces that will give your home a wider, more open, and airier vibe.

Turning minimalist doesn’t always mean throwing away everything you have except for the basics. Instead, it means getting rid of the clutter and noise in your life. It means having a neat and tidy home that’s simple yet organised. And sometimes, achieving it all starts with the right furniture. 

When you integrate Scandinavian pieces into your home interior, you get functionality, simplicity, and beauty all in one. So, go ahead and join the minimalist movement and enjoy a stress-free life that starts with your clutter-free home.

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