This document contributes to being the tutorial on the software QA services, with the aid of the Robot Framework. These instances are written for the specific platform. The majority of them are applicable to different platforms, as Robot and Appium framework are known to be cross-platform.


Appium contributes to being the popular mobile automation tool, which is known to be a user agent. It is possible to program it so that it acts on different apps and devices on behalf of human users. For instance, you will be capable of writing the tests, which unlocks the phone, after which an application is opened. Now, you need to press the button, after which it is scrolled down.

 After this, you require reading the text upon the label, thereby ensuring that it is going to have the expected value. You should also remember that it is based on WebDriver, which boasts of the same technology used by Selenium, which is the web app automation software.

In place of controlling the web apps and web browsers, Appium is going to turn the input into different actions on various smart devices and apps. Appium provides support to the hybrid, mobile web, and native apps on different Android and Apple platforms. 

It is recognized to be cross-platform, indicating that you require writing the test at once. After this, the test should run in various platforms. It is beneficial as the Application User Interface remains constant across various platforms.

The Robot Framework

Robot Framework contributes to being the test framework, which offers support to ATDD. Within the Robot Framework, every test gets written in the form of a table. Here, the format gets readable by non-technical people. It acts as documentation. Every table’s rows happen to be the action to take. The keyword happens to be the row’s first column. 

The cells that follow are recognized to be the arguments of the specific keyword. The keywords are offered by the keyword library, which is responsible for processing and executing various keywords. You should remember that Robot Framework is equipped with various keyword libraries. 

You should make the right use of Appium so that you can interact with different mobile applications through the use of Appium. You should remember that this specific library offers keywords, like Input Text, Swipe, Tap, to name a few. Here, the library will be taking the keywords, after which it is translated into the specific WebDriver language, which gets understood by Appium.

 Speaking of the installation, you need three things: Appium, Appium Library, and Robot Framework. Besides this, the Robot Framework gets written within the Appium Library and the Python. The Python package contributes to being the choice of the keyword library. Hence, it is essential to install Python beforehand. 

You should understand that the Appium Library offers support to Python 2. Also, it is recommended to go for Virtualenv to set the environment. Appium is recognized to be the Node application. Hence, you should ensure to install Node.js beforehand.


You can integrate and use Python 2, owing to the Appium Library. You should remember that Virtualenv happens to be an integral part of Python 3. Now, you require installing the Virtualenv. With the installation of Virtualenv, you need to set a specific new Python environment, for the specific Robot framework, with virtualenv ~/robot.

 It offers a helping hand in generating the directory, referred to as a robot within the home directory. You should remember that the “robot” name happens to be arbitrary. You can choose the name necessary for the environment. Bin/activate is recognized to be one of the files present in the created directory.

 If you want to make use of the environment, you need to source the file. You should take into account that the shell prompt is changing. It gets priced by the environment name, which gets wrapped within the pair of parentheses. You should ensure that you are present within the environment for the remaining part of the specific tutorial.

Appium Library and Robot Framework

Robot Framework contributes to being the dependency of the specific Appium Library. Installation of the Appium Library helps in installing the Robot Framework automatically. There are complete problems with the most updated version of the Selenium. Selenium’s version is 3.3.3. It does not have any compatibility with the Appium Library’s most updated version. 

If you try to fix this, you will be downgrading the Selenium. You should assume that you possess the Node upon the system already. Also, the nmp command will be installing Appium. Besides this, the Appium project will be publishing differently installable. They are equipped with GUI for people who prefer to opt for GUI to CLI.

Writing the business enterprise’s test cases

The table represents the test case. Every row of the specific table contributes to the action, which comprises the keyword, followed by various arguments. The keyword and the augments get written within the cell. Speaking of the physical format, Robot Framework offers support to HTML along with customized plain text format. 

Besides this, it also offers support to the reStructuredText. The file represents the test suite. You can group the test suites together within the directory. You can group the test suites group into the higher level directory. In addition to this, the grouping goes as a plethora of levels, catering to the needs.

Test automation helps in saving an ample amount of time. It is going to have more preference over the whole manual test execution process. Smart apps on the Apple and Android platform are developed as native, hybrid, and web applications. 

Regardless of the kind of application which is under testing, the automation framework’s selection strategy does not differ to an ample extent. Robot framework contributes to being the open-source framework, which offers the prerequisite understanding of HTML formatted test case scripts, text and boasts of the keyword-driven methodology. It contributes to being the wrapper, which gets written over the plethora of frameworks with the aid of various test libraries.

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