Planning a trade show is stressful, and there isn’t a moment to spare until your booth is up on display. When you want to have the best trade show display, you have to think ahead about what could make it truly innovative.

A modular trade show display is ideal for many industries and businesses due to its convenience and effectiveness in highlighting the product. Whether you choose to get a curved frame or straight frame for your trade show display, here’s what you should consider:

What Are Your Goals?

When looking to find the perfect trade show display for your product, you need to know your requirements first. A trade show display has several components, and depending on the type of product you have; your goals can be quite different. Some questions that can determine your goals include:

  • Space you are planning to use for your booth
  • Private/non-private booth
  • Type of display required
  • Hardware material
  • External light requirements

Once you have determined whether you require it for your trade show booth, you can start looking at various services that offer what you require. 

Adjustment and Flexibility

When you’re looking for a trade show display that you can utilize for a while, you need to ensure that it is adjustable. Not all trade show displays are meant to be readjusted over time, and you might find that they break if you keep adjusting them too much.

To ensure that the display is adjustable for your requirements, you should check the material and fittings. Many displays come with various frame sizes and are incredibly flexible. You can find various adjustable frames according to your requirements. 


You need to ensure that the size of your trade show display adheres to the room size. You don’t want to find that your trade show display is larger than the conference room or hall that you’ve been allotted. Trade show displays that can be adjusted in size are also available, but they will be a bit pricier than the standard ones.

Check the dimensions of the display before you end up ordering the trade show display. If you’re not sure about the sizing, you might have to look into the returns policy of the service you’re ordering from. 

Setup Required

When you’re buying a trade show display, the last thing you want is to spend hours setting it up. Some trade show displays are so complicated that you might need to hire technicians to install the display. To make the process hassle-free and efficient, you have to think about the installation process.

Check what kind of setup is required before buying the display. Some have an uncomplicated installation that you can do by yourself in minutes. 

How to Get Started

Once you’ve decided what kind of trade show display to get, whether it has a straight or curved frame, you should look for services to provide you with the perfect display as per your need and at a reasonable cost. 

If you have a lot of questions regarding the process, you can also contact customer support at the business from which you plan to get the display. Consider these aspects the next time you’re buying a trade show display.

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