Since the last decade, technology has become one of the crucial parts of day-to-day lives. Whether it’s for the development of society, the growth of human inventions or the sake of peacekeeping, technologies have become a significant part of the culture.

With the emergence of technology, both monitoring and evaluating field activity becomes really easy. Businesses have been using technology, which helps in sorting out major problems such as efforts, time, and the cost they invest would otherwise manually.

Technology that helps you monitor and evaluate activities done by people on the field is considered a focus oriented implemented technology. These technologies work with the help of advanced computing skills, machine learning and digital data centres. With the internet and GPS trackers, data collection app are programmed to alert you while monitoring the allocated location. 

There are few things you need to remember when you want to set up you’re monitoring and evaluating (M&E) technology to evaluate field activity-

  • Access restrictions should be looked into before planning your M&E techs. 
  • Reduce the cost of buying and implementing M&E technologies. 
  • Infrastructures should be evaluated to cut down the high cost of setting up your devices. 
  • You should require tools that can function without a constant supply of electricity or internet across large distances.

After you evaluate the criteria mentioned above to set up your monitoring and evaluating technology, it is time for the implementation.

The best technologies have been found that can help you to monitor and evaluate field activity.

  1. Basic mobile data collection: Your small handheld mobile phone can do wonders if you know the right way to use those features. These phones are crucial when it comes to making basic contact in a volatile environment. Features such as calls, SMS or interactive voice response can quickly help in providing M&E.
  2. Smartphones and smart gadgets: Handheld smartphones and tablets are becoming cheaper as their value goes down with the introduction of newer devices. They are also getting easier to use, which makes them ideal for M&E technology. They function correctly in given situations, but these digital devices can aid in providing digital data entry very quickly.
  3. Remote sensing: Remote sensing is used in places where physical access to technology is restricted. They work by revealing the contextual condition of a place with the help of infrared and radars. These sensing technologies can easily monitor and evaluate a large number of people and movements.
  4. Radios: Radio is probably one of the oldest data-collecting technologies that we use even today. Due to its one-way programming, radios are often considered as a one-way transmuter, but with the help of a wide range of coverage, radio programming can often be used as an active M&E device.
  5. Online platforms: Another most commonly used latest technology for M&E is online communication platforms that can help organizations to monitor and evaluate their field works efficiently. Data from these data collection app go straight to the organization implementing the system.

With proper practice of these monitoring and evaluating technologies, you can easily monitor and assess the field activities of your organization. 

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