We spoke to Sikander Sehrawat, who joined the Team of Development as an intern, and quickly moved into an Associate job that was full-time. Sikander talks about the experience of having starting his first professional experience in the midst of a pandemic, and his path to becoming a certified MuleSoft developer.

The team is expanding

I joined during the Coronavirus crisis that was raging in mid-October in 2020. I recall feeling extremely nervous the first day of my employment. Even though I was in the security of my own home (at time, everyone was working at home) It was my first day at any job! It was a blessing that two other employees had started the same day. This gave me a sense of security knowing that I wasn’t going to be the sole person to get all the attention being the new employee.

We had a string of meetings planned for the following two weeks, getting acquainted with various areas of the business and the methods of work which follow. The meetings gave me the chance to meet with people, become comfortable with video calls and meetings and also learn about the company’s ethics.

Every person I spoke to was friendly and open. It’s not like a work environment; rather it’s like a home where everyone is helpful, caring and enjoys one another’s company. Even though I was on video calls I was made to feel welcomed which helped me transition into an office life a breeze for me.

Company Meetings

Another factor that helped me to integrate into my family was the monthly Company gatherings. These meetings feature business reports as well as project progress reports which are always fascinating for me to hear, as well as the most enjoyable aspect is the monthly photos. Employees post pictures of whatever interesting and fun they might have done in the month since their last meeting. It gives a feeling of belonging and community.

Mulesoft Developer Certification

The first month my main focus was the MuleSoft Certification. I was offered the opportunity and assistance in completing the training module and preparing to pass the exam. The program attracted my attention early in the process. When I read through the various modules I could see the connections in my brain. This gave me the drive to do my best to get as much knowledge that I can about Mulesoft. I was not required to earn any certification in the MuleSoft course online, but I thoroughly liked the training so that I decided I’d continue with the course.

After completing the online course I decided to start the certification exam right away. Why should I put off the exam? My line manager told me to reconsider. He advised me to spend time with him, and offered to review my questions and suggested speaking to someone who has recently completed the certification.

After talking with my colleagues, I realized that I should wait a bit longer to develop my abilities and understanding of the subject was the best option! I received advice and direction on how to practice and I was able to learn about the general experiences of taking the exam. If you’ve recently completed the MuleSoft online training My recommendation to you is similar to that which I gave to myself I would suggest that you talk to someone who has had the experience to get their advice! Check out this MuleSoft tutorial for beginners in tamil to learn more.

It worked for me. I’m now a certified MuleSoft Designer!

You’ve completed the certification What next?

While I was able to obtain my certification however, I did not have much experience in real life working on projects. My mind was racing with anticipation of starting and putting my skills on the line. The boss insisted on getting more experience before I jumped right into it. My colleagues took the time to explain to me their projects or ones they’ve been working on before. This helped me translate the information I’d gained recently into practical applications. I was presented with my first project. I felt like a valued team member from the beginning. I was able to get my questions answered and suggestions welcomed.

As I waited for my turn to be assigned to this project, I worked on working on my abilities, specifically the Munits and how to design tests for APIs with MuleSoft as well as an integral component of API integration and design. This was very useful since my first job as an certified MuleSoft Developer was to develop an Munit test. Since then, I’ve been given more tasks to finish that become more complex each time. The increased difficulty gives me confidence in the business as they trust me to be able to finish these assignments and allows me to progress!

The amount of assistance and assistance everyone around me is willing to give is overwhelming. I can reach anyone for help with any doubt or issue I face and they’ll make time out of their busy schedules to help me in my endeavor.

Are you a MuleSoft Developer rewarding?

The short answer is yes!

Being the MuleSoft Development Manager has proven to be a rewarding experience to me, as a professional. The experience I’ve had so far has been most productive and efficient. The information about MuleSoft, APIs, and Integration that I previously had no idea about was beneficial and beneficial.

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