Computer coders work and live on the frontlines of modern innovation. Their devices, apps, websites, and programs power the digital world that makes modern life feel futuristic.

For computer programming to evolve, the next generation of computer coders must train now. Thankfully, parents can enroll their children in fall coding sessions for students they can conveniently take from home. But don’t just pick any program!

Here’s what separates the best online coding programs from the rest.

Creating Video Games

First off, children learn best when they’re having fun! The sky is the limit for a motivated student, and nothing drives students more than when lessons revolve around how to create their own video game, one they can play with friends and family.

Creating a video game becomes its own type of game because the course itself embeds gamification concepts into the lessons. If you’ve ever seen how addicted kids get to playing games, imagine the same dynamics making them hooked on learning.

Real Math at the Core

Ideally, children will have so much fun learning how to code video games that they won’t even realize they’re learning crucial math concepts, like vectors, integers, and even trigonometry! Some of the best online coding courses were founded by mathematicians, who made their courses revolve around foundational math concepts.

Fun and math don’t have to be incompatible for kids!

Relevant Coding Languages

Parents love enrolling their children in coding classes because of all the healthy mental habits they instill. However vital those skills are, they’re nothing compared to the direct benefits of knowing how to use the code that powers today’s most popular websites, apps, and video games.

Look for a program that teaches kids how to code in languages such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Even seven-year-olds aren’t too young to begin learning Python, rather than introductory drag-and-drop pseudo coding languages like Scratch.

Small Classrooms

Students learn best when they have easy access to their teachers, which is hard to get in bustling, disruptive classroom environments. The leading coding programs cap class sizes at four, so every student gets their teacher’s full attention.

Ideally, they should also run the program even if your child is the only student. Some classes require a minimum enrollment, which means parents can’t know for certain that the class will run when they book it. Tomorrow’s coding leaders should get their teacher’s full focus.

Young Teachers

Finally, today’s young coders should learn from the generation after them to continue the cycle. Teachers who skew on the young side also grew up playing video games, making them ideal for teaching today’s kids.

The youth are on the cutting edge of every development in computers and coding. Look for a program that hires undergrads in computer engineering and computer sciences.

Coding classes can vary significantly in quality. To know your child will get the best experience possible, sign them up for a program that touches on all the above points, so the coders of tomorrow get the right support today.

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