Social Distancing, Lockdown, and Quarantine, whatever you name it, but you cannot ignore the fact since 2020, we are spending half of our life alone and depressed. In this article, we are going to discuss 6 Online Multiplayer Games for Kids that you can play on mobile for free.

Corona Virus has banned socialisation and being a social animal, so it becomes tough for us to maintain it. So, yes, this rule, if for the sake of our race, it will certainly do good in the long run. 

Video conferencing is the process through which people are connecting. But that is something related to the official part; what about fun? What if you want to have fun with your friend and at the same time want to communicate with them? Video Conferencing is not enough. So, what is the solution? 

You can find the solution in an online multiplayer video game. Online multiplayer driving games are like an addiction that you cannot escape, especially for the kids who belong to the tech-loving generation. It is undeniable that due to this lockdown and pandemic, elders are getting irritated, and Kids are no exception. It is getting tough for the kids to overcome boredom and loneliness. 

Even the single-player gameplay is not entertaining them enough. As a parent, you can understand that how it feels to stay away from friends. Don’t be worried if you see your kid sitting lonely in the room, missing his/ her friends. You can help them by allowing a particular time in online gaming.

This article is enumerated with the top 6 Online Multiplayer Games for Kids in 2021. This online game can be played with more than 2 or 3 friends. Even You can also join them in the fun if his/her friends are not available. Let’s have a look at the List. Keep reading.

What is the benefit of Online Multiplayer Games for kids?

Yes, Playing Online games can become an addiction for the kids, which is not correct. But in 2021, when we are combating a Pandemic name coronavirus, allowing Online Multiplayer Games for Kids can help you keep your kid away from loneliness. Let’s have a look at the benefit you get from online multiplayer games.

Boost Intelligent Quotient The Kids IQ will start juggling when they begin competing with other players. They have to think fast so that they can outsmart their opponents.

Promote social Association

Not only your kid, but you can also get the option to promote social association. As your kid starts playing with the various player, they start building solid alliances, and they will learn teamwork and learn to win.

Increasing self-reliance

In this pandemic situation, many kids lose their self-confidence, which is very bad for their mental health. While playing a multi-player game, their self-confidence gets boosted.

Now let’s have a look at the top 6 Online Multiplayer Games for Kids.

Top 6 Online Multiplayer Games for Kids

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

The first name in the Online Multiplayer Games for Kids is Animal Crossing: New Horizon. This game got its chance to be released in March. Since the release of the game, it has gained lots of popularity among kids. The game Animal Crossing is one of those game which is perfect for the quarantine days. Even adults can also play the game. For the sake of kids, this online multiplayer game is made impossibly adorable and gentle. The game is so interesting that you do not understand how time flies.  

Players can visit their Animal Crossing Island. The most exciting thing about the game is it will hook you up with the game in an adorable way. For example, while visiting your friend’s island, you have to purchase a virtual ticket and ride a virtual plane to reach the destination. Isn’t that cute?

2. MineCraft 

Minecraft has hidden many surprises for their player, and there is no end to the trap. The endless sandbox structures and the kid-friendly interface make it one of the Best Online Multiplayer Games for Kids

Minecraft server host is created in such a way that it can be played alone as well as with many friends. Playing with friends gives the best experience. While playing my craft, teamwork will help the player to finish the story of Ender Dragon. Playing with the multi-player can be a trick, but it can easily be cracked.

3. Chess with Friends 

Chess used to be an indoor game, but now you can also play it virtually. If your kid loves this type of game, encourage them to play more games like chess. It is a pretty interesting Online Multiplayer game for Kids that is with us for a very long time. Challenge your friend in this classic game. The main rule of the game is to protect the king. This game gives tough challenges to kid’s brains and helps them to become wiser.

4. Castle Crashers

Castle crusher is one of the older games in our list of Online Multiplayer Games for KidsThis game was released in 2008. Since the date of their release, this game is still winning a lot of hearts. All the credit goes to its hectic gameplay and Cartoony stylisation. This game can be played independently, but the experience comes when the player includes four more players. Comprehending the game is pretty easy, so castle crasher is considered one of the best games for kids.

5. House party

House party is like zoom, a video chat application, but there is something more than it can give to your kid. This Video Chatting application is infused with many exciting mini-games. This app is best for those kids who want to spend more time with their older relatives—there multiple options such as Mee-maw. A version of Pictionary, Simple Trivia, and many more. It is the best way to have fun during face time. 

6. Fruit Ninja

Players have to cut the fruits as quickly as could be expected and endeavour to keep away from the bombs. Moreover, your digits become your safeguarding blade intended to hack those fruits as you move along. This game will zest up your cutting abilities, ideal for multiplayer. You additionally get additional focuses for cutting various fruits utilising a swipe.

The final Thoughts 

We all are going through an awful time. And for kids, this isolation period is pathetic, affecting their mental and physical health. You must have heard the proverb, “all work and no play made Jack a dull boy.” Don’t let your kid become Jack.

Allow them to spend time with his or her friend through online games. Here you have got the name of the top 6 Online Multiplayer Games for KidsNow you have the option to choose for your kid. 

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