Nowadays, very dynamic and active development of a variety of information technology is simply impossible to find a person who at least has not logged on to the expanse of the global network. Literally every day, people of all ages use different websites as well as convenient mobile applications and other necessary devices. Among them, of course, there are paid services as well as completely free or no-cost offers.

Some of the virtual platforms and applications used usually require compulsory and unavoidable registration. And as a mandatory line to fill in, the user is asked to provide his or her phone number. But not everyone wants to disclose their personal details on unfamiliar resources as it can harm your security. This is why many people are looking for an alternative. 

So we decided to share with you a way that allows you to get online phone numbers for verification and use it to register instead of your own. This will help you protect yourself from annoying unnecessary spam on your phone.

What is an online phone number?

A temporary phone number is a number that is created for a short period of time, usually a few minutes to a few days. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as registering on a website and getting a one-time confirmation code.

How do online phone numbers work and what are their advantages?

Temporary phone numbers work in much the same way as regular numbers. But you can only receive text messages. An important feature of the service is that you do not need a SIM card to use them. Thanks to special hardware and software this is all stored on the provider’s side, giving you the ability to get a phone number remotely and use it online. 

Using an online phone number can have several advantages:

  • Privacy. A temporary phone number allows you to keep your real contact details private and protect your privacy and personal data.
  • Spam protection: If you don’t want to receive spam and promotional emails to your real phone number, a temporary phone number can help you avoid this problem.
  • Time saver. If you use the Internet a lot, a temporary phone number can save you time checking in and getting verification codes.

Why do I need an online phone number?

Temporary phone numbers can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most common is to use temporary phone numbers when registering with websites and applications. If you don’t want to disclose your real phone number or don’t want to receive spam and promotional messages to your main phone, a temporary phone number can be a great solution.

Where can I get an online phone number?

Follow the steps below to obtain an online phone number:

  1. Find and create an account;
  2. Go to the “Top up my balance” tab from the menu on the left and make a deposit; 
  3. Open the home page again to select the mobile operator’s country and the service you want to get the code from;
  4. Get your phone number by clicking on the “Buy” button next to it. The system will then automatically add it to the relevant section;
  5. Apply the phone number to register in the selected service and wait for the code to be sent; 
  6. To get it, go back to ‘History’ section and click on ‘Get SMS’ button next to your number;
  7. Apply the code to complete the registration.
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