The Australian rental industry is estimated to be worth a whopping $8.3 Billion, with an average estimated spike of 11.3% every financial year. Hence, it is not surprising to know that the country’s rental industry market has a spot in the world’s top ten valuable rental economies.

With such a thriving boost, you can only imagine the importance of this industry and dependent sectors like professional cleaning services. Seeking the assistance of an efficient vacate cleaning service has several benefits. Outsourcing your end-of-lease cleaning needs to professionals like Jim’s Vacate Cleaning Australia can change the entire way in which you approach the process of ‘moving out’.

If you’ve not considered the prospects of hiring one yet, here are all the reasons you must:


One of the best reasons to seek the services of a professional vacate cleaning service is that you’re sure to be saving big bucks on cleaning equipment and solutions.

A professional cleaning service offers top-notch cleaning solutions by ensuring that you leave the rental in the condition you received it or perhaps even better! These cleaning professionals ensure that every nook and corner of the property is shining, and neither you nor the landlord has any complaints.

Armed with all the essentials, these cleaning professionals do their job well and know how to get rid of stubborn stains. They are also aware of which areas require what kind of cleaning treatment.


Time is not your best friend when you’ve got to vacate a premise and move elsewhere. There are countless tasks involved ranging from packing, arranging logistics, settling bills and ensuring safe transportation of all your valuables.

In such a scenario, the last thing you want to undertake is an added, time-consuming cleaning task. And it is indeed an arduous one! Here is when a professional vacate cleaning service can come to your rescue and make life easier for everyone.

You can only imagine the relief when you have a reliable set of hands to take care of the cleaning and upkeep of the rental. So, look for a trusted vacate service, let them do their job while you save all that energy and time to focus on things that need your attention more.

Keep Your Deposit or Bond Money Intact:

Save your hard-earned money from going down the drain, and that too for something as meagre as unsatisfactory cleaning! When you opt for the services of a trusted vacate cleaning agency, not only are you relaxed, but your landlord is also at peace knowing that the property is in good hands.

It effectively ensures that your bond or deposit money remains intact, and you get your amount back in full by handing over the place in its original condition. A win-win for all!

Hassle-free Moving Out:

Departures are tough by themselves, and therefore you want to ensure that you don’t move out on a stressful or messy note. Not only does this hamper your relationship with the owner, but also renders the entire moving experience offputting and dampens the spirit of your folks (and yours for sure).

And when you have the perks of an entire $12.3bn commercial cleaning industry in Australia, it only makes sense to make the most of this ever-expanding business and take the best it has to offer.

Besides, the average size of Australian homes is relatively bigger than most countries, and seeking the services of a professional agency like Jim’s Vacate Cleaning Australia is sure to let you ample time to catch your breath! And finally, most vacate cleaning registered agencies in the country adhere to a standard cleaning checklist so you can be sure of a thorough job and accountability!

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