A lot of people have had to get used to working from home thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and although many have started to return to their old offices, others are either splitting their time between home and the office, or they are continuing to work remotely full-time.

If you are self-employed or now facing a future working at home more regularly, it’s important to have a dedicated workspace to make it easier to focus and help you switch off when the working day is done. Below are some things you need to consider if you want to design the perfect home office.

A Calming Color Scheme

Working from home is a great opportunity to break away from the usual dreary, dull office décor that you might have been used to before. Rather than bland off-whites and depressing greys, you should add some more interesting colors to your home office.

Of course, the best color scheme you could choose is one that creates a calming atmosphere. This will help you stay focused and reduce your stress levels, too. Blue, yellow, green, and light purples are just some examples of soothing colors that you could play around with.


You must be working at a desk comfortably and in an ergonomic office chair to ensure that your body is getting the right support throughout the day. If you have been working from your kitchen table over the last few months or sitting on the couch, you might have noticed a few more aches and pains developing or that you’re struggling to stay focused.

If you want to create the ideal workspace at home, you need the right furniture to make it feel professional and comfortable. Browse home office furniture collections for some inspiration.

Let in Natural Light

Where possible, you should set your home office up in a room with a good-sized window that lets in a lot of natural light. This can help you feel more alert and help to give you a mood boost.

Working under artificial lights all day can get depressing and make you feel claustrophobic if there are no windows. Additionally, letting some fresh air into the room will help you stay focused and make the room more comfortable in general. 

Plant Life

Another bit of nature that you should look at introducing into your home office is some plant life. Houseplants can do a lot to brighten up any room, and your office is no different.

However, if you’re someone who often forgets to water plants, get some that are low-maintenance such as succulents or a spider plant. Alternatively, you can place artificial plants in your home office to achieve a similar aesthetic, but the real thing is always better.


Blank walls are boring and can make a room feel unfinished even if there is furniture in it. You don’t have to put up any cheesy motivational posters (unless you want to!), but instead, some interesting photography, portraits, or beautiful landscapes or abstract pieces would look great hanging on your walls.

Just make sure any art you choose will be work-appropriate, especially if it can be seen on video calls or if you’re going to have clients visit you at your home office.

If you will be working from home for the foreseeable future, use these tips to help you design the perfect home office.

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