Marketers use several techniques to showcase the brand and its features to a larger audience. Previously, marketers used natural presentations to engage with a larger audience, but with the evolution of digital marketing, the importance of old-school presentations is underestimated.

Today, no marketing executives have to go door-to-door handing out the pamphlets and flyers. The frequency of face-to-face interaction in marketing has been drastically reduced, and they are only limited to a few networking events or marketing conferences.

No matter the marketing trend, making effective presentations is still considered a prized skill in the current digital marketing era. These presentations impact positively on the audience and drive more sales.

While preparing marketing presentations with an online slideshow maker, such as Intro Maker, here are the tips that will help you to make the presentation powerful and engaging for the audience.

Make the audience emotional using the presentation 

Most of the time, business-related presentations are boring for the common people. These are filled with data and statistics that are not digestible for the larger audience, and the data may not drive more sales for the company.

Marketers should create a touchy story and strike the audience’s mind using a creative storyline and image. People will indeed be triggered by ads that mainly awaken their emotions. Presentations also need to be prepared in the same way to hook the people on an emotional level. You can use PowerPoint templates for business proposal that describe the struggle and behind-the-scenes story of the brand. It will rightly make the audience emotionally, and just after these slides, you can show the problem-solving skill by letting the audience know how you have elevated from the problem

Use more slides to describe the story 

When you have to show the presentations at an event, attendees have already seen different presentations on that same day, and it won’t be enjoyable for them to analyze facts from a few slides. This is because they are not mentally ready to analyze the facts thoroughly without the proper information.

So, it is best to use more slides to inform them entirely rather than half. Keep your slides moving rather than speaking to one slide for several minutes, and you can use the multiple images to showcase what you are talking about. In this way, the presentation will be enjoyable as watching a movie, and you can gain a more significant compliment from the audience.

Build a strong connection with your audience

Building a personal connection with the audience is one of the excellent skills of marketers. This connection helps the audience react positively, which can be created through the presentation. With the help of a slideshow maker, the presentation can be rightly engaging. Know what your audience would like to hear from you, and after serving them according to their wish, it will be easy to build a strong connection that is unbreakable to some extent.

Deliver what you promise

Once you create interest in them and what you have to present, this is the time to deliver according to your commitment. Clear everything that you had promised before the audience. For instance, you have to present the pros of using Call-To-Action; the next slide should represent the advantage of Call-To-Action and how businesses get maximum traffic using the CTA in their videos or other ads.

The expression style shouldn’t be dull because it probably attracts terrible impressions from the audience, and after that, the entire event will flop. So, it would be best to make the presentation enjoyable to educate the audience regarding your product and services.

Tell an engaging story supported by data 

The presentation you are making using an online slideshow maker must be engaging. You can include some real-life examples to prove the point to achieve this parameter. The audience will likely get engaged with the content if they find it relatable and personal. You can narrate a story and include a character who had a problem you had solved using the service or product. The audience can’t ignore this scenario because most of them would resemble the story.

Use practical facts, data, and real-life examples to make the presentation more truthful as you enter the slides. It is pretty simple but effective, and people won’t get any reason to ignore it.

Use fewer contents in the slides

Texts are not visually attractive, and no one would like to view the slides if they are loaded with texts only. So, to arrest the audience’s attention, it is best to lessen the proportion of the texts in each slide. The audience would like to listen to you and then your wordy slides. Simplify the slides using pinpointed facts. It would be best to use images, GIFs, and videos to prove your point. The more images or real-time facts you will include, the presentation will be engaging compared to the presentations that only use texts.

Use GIFs for the reaction slides only 

A picture says a thousand words, which can be implemented to make the presentation enjoyable. If you want to include laughter, gifs are best to use. You shouldn’t use gifs in the slides where you discuss something serious like a graph, data points, etc. The repetitive motion will catch the audience’s attention and keep them away from the seriousness of the content. So, you can use gifs on the slides immediately just after these points to reiterate them. Select the particular gif that must reflect the emotion you want to put on the slide.

Listen to the feedback of the audience

A marketing presentation shouldn’t be a one-way road. The enter event should be interactive, and as a presenter, you also have to listen to the feedback regarding the presentation. The audience is free to express their views, and if there is any criticism, accept them properly and promise to implement that.


Marketing presentations are still relevant in the current digital marketing era. If they are made appropriately, they can drive more traffic than others. So, follow these tips and make the marketing presentation a success.

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