If you look at the fashion scene, you will find that hats are making a comeback! During ancient times, both men and women used to wear a hat, because it had a practical use. Also, the dictates of the society compelled them to wear a hat to denote their social standing. That aside, there were various etiquettes concerning hat-wearing as well.

However, things have changed today. Though you can always stay clued into the hat-wearing techniques to stay updated, but it’s not a pre-requisite. However, when you are talking about hats, one of the popular categories includes straw hats. These hats are easily available in online and physical hat stores, and you can choose one you love.

However, online shopping had added the necessary ease in our life, most people tend to prefer buying their hats online. Do you want the same? If yes, then you need to keep a few factors in mind. In this article, we will discuss about it.

1. The reason of purchase

If you browse online, you will come across straw hats that range between various price range. There are designer collections as well. Is this your first straw hat that you intend to buy online? In that case, should you opt-in for a costly one? This is a concern that most users face. The answer is simple – find out the purpose of your purchase.

Are you purchasing the hat for a specific reason? Or is this your first straw hat that you want to give it a try? For instance, if you wish to wear the straw hat for a themed beach party, where you will get judged for the dress and accessories that you adorn, it’s essential to buy a high-end straw hat that might cost you a couple of dollars more.

On the other hand, if you intend to wear the hat because you wish to quench your curiosity, it’s best to opt-in for a generic hat, which is of standard quality and also is available in a standard price. You can search online, using filters about your price and style and select the one that best caters to your requirement and budget capacity.

2. Select unisexual straw hats

It is a popular opinion that straw hats are mostly common with women. And that assumption is very true. But that doesn’t mean men can’t wear it. There are straw hats that are made for men or come in a unisexual style. You can opt-in for that if you are opting in for a beach vacation.

That aside, even other popular styles like the fedora and the cowboy hat are made using straw. So, if you want you can opt-in for that as well. Don’t fret because you think only women can wear a straw hat. There are multiple options for men. It would help if you simply searched in the correct places to find and select one for yourself.

3. Consider the brim size

If you flip the pages of a fashion magazine, you will find that straw hats worn by women come in wide brims. Some of the hats, have a brim of 10 inches as well. Such brims don’t just secure the face, but also the shoulders from the scorching heat of the sun.

So, all you need to do is check out the hat options and the brim size. Usually, men who want to wear a straw beach hat, select a wider but average brim of 4 inches that helps to protect the eyes, face and head from the scorching sun heat.

4. Get the size correct

Usually, straw hats have an element of “being casual” about them. It signifies a relaxed and comfortable style that anyone can sport. But that doesn’t mean you will opt-in for a hat size bigger than your actual size. So, make sure that you get your hat in the correct size.

For that, you should measure your head size correctly and tally it with the hat size guide. Having the correct fit is important. If your hat is loose or too tight it will lead to your discomfort. Hence, get your correct size and comfortably sport your straw hat.

5. The UPF factor

Usually, when you think about straw hats, people visualize a hat that gets worn to stay secured from the sun’s scorching heat. As a result, most straw hats come with a UPF factor, which denotes how much protection it can offer from the sun. It’s always best to consider a straw hat with an UPF factor above 50 so that you have great protection. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask the hat maker to guide you on this so that you don’t make a mistake.

When you are all set to purchase your straw hats, these are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind. Once you adhere to it, you can always make the correct selection for yourself.

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