Did you know the average electricity bill reached $115 a month in 2019? When prices get this high, finding alternatives to save power becomes a priority.

One way of dealing with this is through the use of solar panels. When it comes to solar panels, you need capable solar batteries.

Choosing the best deep cycle batteries for solar will determine your energy. Do you want to know how to get them? Read more and learn our tips on choosing your solar power system.

What Is Deep Cycle Solar Battery

Deep cycle batteries may look like your ordinary car batteries, but they are far apart. A deep cycle battery’s design is to produce ongoing, low yet consistent power. It means it can power a vehicle without a motor.

These batteries can charge fast and give steady power for a long period.

What to Compare

When choosing deep cycle batteries, you need to find some technical parameters. Here are what to look for in solar batteries.

Power and Capacity

The battery’s capacity tells you how much energy it can hold. A battery capacity does not determine the amount of power you can get from it.

Batteries with high power and low capacity can light an entire house for hours. While low power with high capacity batteries only powers several devices, but a long time.

Depth of Discharge

Most batteries need to keep a charge at some level. It’s vital to avoid discharging them.

Discharging batteries will lower the lifespan of the battery.

Round Trip Efficiency

Round trip efficiency refers to the fraction of energy you can retrieve from the stored power in the battery. The higher it is would mean less energy lost due to storage.


Having a 10-year warranty on the product can make it more favorable. But keep in mind clauses on warranties like cycles. There could be terms that could shorten it because of these clauses.

Type of Solar Battery

Since the creation of solar panels, solar power has been more affordable and accessible. Solar power capacities are also rising to an estimate of 97.2 gigawatts.

This rise is enough to power millions of American homes. So picking the best solar battery can make the difference.

Tubular Lead Acid

Tubular lead acid is the most popular battery used in homes. Although it needs regular maintenance, they are the most affordable.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries can store more energy and need little to no maintenance. Because of its long life cycle, it has a longer lifespan.

The only downside to it is their prices. They cost double compared to other batteries. But its advantages make up for the amount that you will pay.


Saltwater is a new technology and built not of heavy metals. It instead relies on saltwater electrolytes, making it easy to recycle.

The only downside is it’s new and less tested compared to others.

If you need help looking for deep cycle solar batteries, check www.rbbattery.com for automotive and solar batteries.

Get the Right Deep Cycle Batteries for Solar Today

The key to getting the best battery for your solar panel is knowing what you need. Keep in mind that there are parameters to look for to help you decide.

If you only need it to charge a few devices, consider one with low power and higher capacity. Save yourself some time and money by knowing the best deep cycle batteries for solar.

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