Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout? So before knowing these let’s know from very basic like, what is Stardew Valley? and what is Stardew Scout? So Let’s start:

What is a Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is a video game application exclusively developed and released for Microsoft Windows. Just like Farmville, it is an open-ended online game that lets the users or the players perform virtual gaming activities like:

  • Growing crops
  • They feed the livestock like pet animals, fishes, & others.
  • Crafting goods
  • Mining ores
  • Producing and selling and 
  • Virtual socialization with townspeople
  • Marriage and children of townspeople

It is a game that would bring life to your grandfather’s farm when you fight & win over dangerous animals or monsters. Stardew helps you to make money & invest it in seasonal crops, animals, woods. The first thing would be to unlock the bridge & mine the necessary items before you start fishing.

A maximum of three players can participate in that online game. 

What is Stardew Scout?

The Stardew Scout is a game application that makes you handle the frequency of acute attacks and the number of damages done to your side. The Stardew Scout over the valley would require skills, strategies, and quick reflexes. Let’s know Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout.

stardew valley fighter or scout

Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout?

Though Stardew Valley is an agricultural game application, you would come across the combats you need to clear to move to the next level. Rebuilding your grandfather’s farm is one of the skills for defending your mines, skull cavern, and wilderness farms against the monsters.

Your combat level would move to the next level when you kill the monsters in each level having different skill sets.  Before deciding the Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout know about both options. The Stardew Valley comes to you in two levels

1. Fighter level:

Do you want to know how to select the fighter level? You would have that option enabled when you reach the fifth level. The fighter level would attack all the items that you brought in the game. The Fighter profession damages about 10% and could get you 15 HP. 

The level 10 would fetch you 15% damages and gets you an extra 25 HP. Though the Fighter level is not a game-changer, it does stable damage to the opponent’s farm. The player would gain a 1% critical strike for 10% base damage.

2. Scout level:

You can select Scout level when you reach level 5 in the Stardew game. The Scout level 5 helps you to gain over 50% of the critical chances for striking the opponent. You would also receive 15% per damage. Level 10 would provide you with special moves which help you to get Desperado moves.

The most fantastic aspect of Scout is an increase in 50% of your current crit chance. You get 2% critical strikes as the base chance. The Scout increases to 3% on excluding the food & other items, which would help you gain one critical strike for every thirty-three hits.

What is a Stardew Valley?

How do you decide the best between Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout

Whether you choose Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout, you would gain an advantage when you get more chances to hit hard and the power to attack without anyone’s knowledge. 

  • It would be beneficial when you opt for a Fighter attack as you increase the rate of your HP gauge. If you are a person with an inclination to attack, you can opt for Fighter Class. If you have skills, agility, and willingness to take risks, Scouts would be the right choice. In a Scout class, you would require access to buffs for killing your enemy once and for all. However, the similarity between Fighter and Scout is that both require a gun power and shoot system.
  • The advantage that you can find in a Fighter class is that you can handle the enemies in large groups. If the enemies are at the lower level, you can defeat them singlehandedly. The benefit that you get from Scout is through your 50% critical changes that would help in gathering your items and equipment in the upcoming battle.

Categories of Fighter class

The Fighter has two sub-categories.

  • The Brute: The Brute Force enables the players to cause damages to the opponent’s farm. You can cause 15% of the damage for each stroke.
  • The Defender: The Defender Class is the class that would restore the player’s health and gets them to the track. You would get an extra 25% hit points.

What are the sub-categories in Scout class?

The sub-categories that you find in Scout class are:

  • Acrobat level: Choosing the Acrobat level would fetch you more special moves and weapons. It would also allow the player to get 50% relaxed downtime when they reach level 5.
  • Desperado level: The Desperado level makes the players deal with critical situations and get critical strikes. It provides you with a 7% extra strike level that would be enough to kill more enemies. The one having more critical strikes would be at an advantage.

Combat Levels of Stardew Valley 

Level 1 to Level 4

You will get access to the combat after five days if you don’t opt for the wilderness farm. 

After five days, you would get access to the debris block & get a rusty word as the first weapon. You can use that sword to destroy the first monsters as you enter deeper into the mine. When you kill your enemies, you would unlock new crafting recipes & get the flowing rewards for the first five levels.

  • First Level – Sturdy Ring: It would reduce the duration of the debuff.
  • Second Level – Life Elixir: It helps you get your health back, so you fight the next level of monsters.
  • Third Level – Roots Platter: It strengthens your attacking power by 3%
  • Fourth Level – Warrior Ring: It would strengthen your attacking power by 10% after slaying each monster. 

A player would have to clear those levels to reach Level 5 and become eligible to choose between Fighter & Scout.

Level 6 to Level 9

  • Level 6 would unlock Slime Egg Press & Garlic Oil. The Slime egg-press would enhance the slimes to Slime Hutch. You would need to gather 100 slime pieces to convert the slime egg. The Garlic Oil would make you experience its buff when you consume it.
  • You would get Ring of Yoba in the 7th level. It would increase your immunity for five seconds after the damage.
  • The Slime Incubator & Explosive Ammo would be available for the level 8 players. You would need to fire through a slingshot to damage the areas limited to the 2-tiled radius.
  • The Iridium Band is the next level for the players who clear level 8. The two bands, if worn, would add effects to the stack & enhance your glow to 20% with four tiles of magnet radius and over 20% of bonus attack.

Level 10 enables you to choose Brute or Defender in the Fighter Class.

The level 10 in Scout class would lead to Acrobat or Desperado.

Final Word about Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout

The Fighter & Scout in Stardew Valley has its pros & cons. One cannot win the war without weapons & strategy. So in Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout, we suggest you both.

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