It is said that ‘First impression, is the last impression’, many people don’t consider it true, but when it comes to business and its reputation, it holds an unshaken ground.

Most people may agree with me on the fact that whenever people come across a newly introduced brand in which they are interested, they first check out its website. By looking at the website, the first judgement about the brand is made.

Let’s say you’re running a business and have spent a lot of money on promotion, which is expected, but your website isn’t interactive or appealing, then most of the users who come to your website through the promotion will assume the business is a fraud and untrustworthy, resulting in fewer sales than expected.

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, many businesses keep on changing the look and feel of their websites on a timely basis, which is done under the supervision of experts of a digital marketing agency. Why so? You will get the answer through this article.

Components of Website important in SEO

You must be familiar with the term SEO, Search Engine Optimization, which is a digital marketing technique, in which a web page is optimized on several grounds to rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Several methods are used by an SEO expert to rank a webpage high, all these techniques are related to different aspects like blogs, backlinks, etc. Here in this section, we are going to see some elements of a website on which the SEO depends:

A. UI-UX Design and Responsiveness of a Website

The most widely used search engine around the globe is Google, according to which, the UI-UX design of the website is an important factor in its ranking in search results. The website has to be user interactive, easy to navigate and use, responsive to different devices and each web page of a website needs to contain different information.

Websites that do not fulfil these requirements of the website designing are not considered compatible or trustworthy by Google.

Therefore, an SEO expert works closely with website developers of a digital marketing agency, guiding them through the stated requirements of a compatible website.

B. The loading time of a website

It is required that the website has pictures and videos in order to increase its visual appeal to users, but at the same time, this increases the loading time of the website, while on the other hand, websites that load fast on both desktop and mobile are preferred and ranked higher than those which do not.

The maximum time that a website should take to load, defined by Google, is 2 seconds, which is pretty low, right.

Thereby, an SEO expert has to work on the optimization of the images and videos used on the website, to make them of small size without compromising the quality much and thereby decreasing the loading time.

Moreover, a web page, to reduce its loading time, is loaded in pieces, which is taken care of by developers.

C. Compulsory Webpages

Every website, that you want to be recognized by search engines and rank high in SERPs, should contain some compulsory webpages, these are:

  • Website About
  • Terms of Use
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Page
  • Sitemap- A skeleton/ structure of the website

All these pages are again optimized by the SEO team of a digital marketing agency, on the basis of several factors.

D. Comments, Authors Profile and FAQ Section

Though all these sections and web pages of the website are not a necessary factor of SEO or digital marketing, they have a huge impact on the credibility of the website.

If you are running a blog website and provides the information about the author who has written the content and he/she is the subject-matter expert, then the trustworthiness of the content is increased among users and therefore, the information provided on your website is more likely to be trusted and favoured over competitors.

Similarly, having comments and FAQ sections provides a means of user interaction, which is a great practice for retaining regular visitors to the website.


By going through the article, you must have got a pretty good idea about how the website should be designed and optimized to improve its rank in search results. Web design and digital marketing go hand in hand.

Your all marketing efforts will go in vain if you do not have a website suitable to the eyes of visitors and does not meet the minimum requirements to be considered as a trusted source.

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