With the Pandemic on a rampage and barely any good news fluttering around, the gaming world is ecstatic at the news of the Tekken 8 release. The Tekken gaming series has gained many fans across the world with its dynamic gameplay and to die for 3D animations, which were considered top-notch in its time. T

Tekken is so popular that it has many spin-off games and films based on the original storyline that the gameplay follows. These parent series have released a total of nine additional entries and three adaptation films of the series, and eight spin-off games that have become wildly popular with Tekken enthusiasts.

Tekken is one of the bestselling video gaming franchises across the world guarantees the best gameplay and features with each of its game releases which makes fans expect a lot from the new Tekken 8, and rumors are that it wouldn’t disappoint.

They have been able to capture the minds of gamers for over two decades with their innovative games. It has been five years since Tekken 7 was released, and it’s still loved by many, and this makes Tekken 8 a much-anticipated game release.

What is the Tekken 8 Release Date?

Even though there has been no official announcement on when the Tekken 8 will be released, popular opinion and prediction indicate that 2023 might be it. The lack of any official announcement has encouraged many rumors about the actual date, and they can be deemed to be false until the official date is released.

Bandai Namco, Entertainment hasn’t released a statement on when the fans can expect the release, but we are hoping that there will be news of it by 2022. When it comes to the Tekken 7 release into the market, the entire process took six years, which means that if the developer and publisher of the game follow the same pattern for this release, we can expect the release date of Tekken 8 by 2023.

What are the System Requirements for Tekken 8?

As in the case of many advanced games, there are some minimum system requirements that a gamer should possess before being able to play Tekken 8. The below-given system requirements aren’t officially announced by BANDAI NAMCO but are considered the minimum system requirements for Tekken 8 by experts. Some platforms which are compatible with the game are Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Arcade.

The minimum system requirements include

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 370, OR, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • DirectX: 11
  • Storage: 60GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-6340 @ 3.6 GHz

If you wish to get elevated gameplay with better control, then here are some recommended system requirements.

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
  • DirectX: 12
  • Storage: 60GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3.2 GHz

What is the Tekken 8 Storyline?

Tekken has had a dramatic storyline that kept the gamers hooked to the series as it gave more realistic gameplay to the game. The storyline follows a series of murders and battles under the influence of a grudge surrounding a patricide. Two of the most popular characters in the series Kazuya and Akuma, are the primary focus as the story moves forward.

The story shows how there is a fight between Kazuya and his father, which ended with the father’s death and Akuma jumping over Kazuya to kill him. The outcome of this fight is not yet known, and it is expected that there will be a continuation in the upcoming release.

There are many rumors of a battle between Jin and Kazuya as the battle of the Mishima family is not yet over. There was a total of 51 characters in the Tekken 7 release, and many new names are expected to show up in the Tekken 8 release.

  • Geese Howard
  • Kazumi Mishima
  • Serafina
  • Katerina Alves
  • Josie Rizal
  • Marshall Law
  • King
  • Bryan
  • Kazuya
  • Heihachi
  • Devil Jin
  • Xiaoyu
  • Dragunov
  • Feng
  • Bob
  • Nina
  • Akuma
  • Paul
  • Leo
  • Alisa
  • Lars
  • Shaheen
  • Jin
  • Lili
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Claudio
  • JACK-7

What are the different Story Modes in Tekken 8?

Although there are a big number of story modes, they are specifically categorized into two sub-modes: are the Character Episodes and The Devil Gene Saga.

  • Survival Mode
  • Team Arcade Mode
  • Ghost Mode
  • Gallery Mode
  • Options Mode
  • Tekken Ball Mode
  • Tekken Bowl Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Score Attack Mode
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Online Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • Team Verus Mode
  • Customization Mode

New Tekken 8 Character is Coming

If you played Tekken 7, then you all know there are 51 gaming characters in that game. So we are accepting those characters who will also present in Tekken 8 Game. Apart from these characters, 7 or 8 new characters are going to introduce. 

  • Jay Ocampo
  • Jin Dewanto 
  • Ken Yap 
  • Kiran Ariel
  • Kazumi Mishima
  • Akuma
  • Katerina Alves
  • Josie Rizal
  • Geese Howard

Return of Heihachi in Tekken 8

The character of Heihachi has become very popular among Tekken fans, and there has been an increasing number of rumors that Heihachi will be one of the characters in Tekken 8. There have been indications that the developers have noticed that the fans were desperate for the return of Heihachi in the new release, which means that there is a huge possibility that we can see this character in Tekken 8. 

Tekken 8 Trailer Release Date

As of now, there has been no information on the release date of the Tekken 8 trailer. There are many trailers on YouTube claiming to be Tekken 8 trailers but are only fan-made trailers or the Tekken 7 Season 4 trailer. There have been rumors that the Tekken 8 will start a new plot, and fans are excited about this long-awaited release.


Tekken has been the favorite fighting game for decades on the radar of gamers around the world, and with good reason. The improvement of the overall gameplay of a fighting game is not exactly a walk in the park. Tekken has always gone beyond the expectations of fans with each of their releases, as fans will find something new in each release. The Tekken, despite being two decades old, has never once disappointed their fans and continues to do so with each of their releases. Tekken 8 will hopefully be everything fans expected.

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