Hot tubs are large tubs filled with warm water and whirlpool jets designed to give bathers a relaxing and social bathing experience. Each hot tub comes equipped with its own locking lid and insulated base to maintain temperature regulation during bather use.

Warm water in a hot tub opens blood vessels wide, sending oxygen-rich blood directly to tight muscles and soothing sore joints. Furthermore, its buoyancy reduces swelling and eases pain from injuries.


As information floods our lives and daily stress builds up, finding ways to relieve tension can be challenging. Hot tubs offer one such means – relaxing muscles, relieving pain and soothing the mind – while simultaneously connecting us with nature and strengthening relationships that may contribute to greater emotional wellness.

Hot tubs stimulate your skin’s natural production of feel-good endorphins – feel-good chemicals which provide a natural remedy against stress and depression, giving you an instant mood lift.

Meanwhile, soothing waters and jets work to ease tense neck and back muscles, and buoyancy of water reduces joint pressure for added relaxation.

Hot tubs provide the ideal way to relieve chronic back and neck pain, relieving tension and discomfort by improving blood circulation and loosening tight muscles and stiffness. There are even hot tubs equipped with jets designed specifically to target specific muscle groups for maximum relief.

If you want to elevate the relaxing hot tub experience, why not add in some sort of meditation or deep breathing practice? Try closing your eyes, crossing your legs and focusing on breathing – the relaxing hot tub environment will help keep your mind clear while washing away day-to-day worries. You can click here to learn more about mindful meditation.

Many also find great comfort connecting with their loved ones while indulging in this spa session; doing so may build or rebuild relationships and lessen feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Natural Detox

Natural Detox

Hot tubs can be an effective natural detox solution. The hot water increases body temperature, leading to sweat production that brings toxins up from below your skin surface – similar to how saunas work but with added relaxation benefits during detox.

When using hot tubs, it is essential to keep the water clean and sanitary at all times. Hot tubs can harbor bacteria that could lead to serious infections such as Giardia, Cryptosporidiosis, and Legionnaire’s Disease if neglected properly. Please check pH and chlorine levels regularly, and don’t enter if the water looks murky or slimy.

A hot tub can be beneficial as part of an overall wellness plan that includes healthy eating, regular exercise and stress management. Speak to your physician about its use and learn more about how this relaxing and rejuvenating spa can benefit you.

Fight Viruses

At this time of coronavirus and other infections, it’s crucial that we strengthen our immune systems by getting plenty of restful sleep and decreasing stress levels – something a relaxing soak in a hot tub can do very effectively!

A relaxing soak will enhance sleep quality – essential for good health.

Soaking at the highest safe temperature causes your body temperature to increase slightly, producing a false fever which stimulates your immune system into producing disease fighting white blood cells and strengthening immunity against germs and sickness more efficiently. This boost in immunity will enable you to more quickly fight off infection or recover should any illness strike. You can visit to learn more about the science behind this.

Heat from your hot tub not only raises body temperature, but it also kills harmful bacteria and viruses, such as Pseudomonas that causes infections of skin follicles, swimmer’s ear, or cystitis (bladder infection). Proper maintenance and sanitation of your hot tub is also essential in keeping it free from germs.

Increase Energy

Many individuals worry that purchasing a hot tub will increase their electricity bill; however, while older models used a lot of power to heat water, newer energy-efficient models may even help to lower it!

One factor affecting the cost of running a hot tub is its size; larger models require more water to heat and, thus, consume more electricity than their smaller counterparts. There are ways you can lower these costs with quality foam insulation and snug covers to retain heat more effectively. You can consult the Watsons Hot Tub Guide to learn more about the available equipment. Compare models to find the right one for you.

Another factor is how often you use your hot tub. Allowing it to run for long stretches of time requires more energy, since its water needs to stay at an increased temperature. If possible, try to limit how often and long you soak.

Lowering the temperature and running the hot tub during off-peak hours when electricity costs less can also help to decrease energy usage.

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