There are over 36,000 call centers across the United States. These call centers are often the lifeblood of many businesses as they help deal with customer complaints or generate vital leads for their companies.

Efficient call centers often have a secret weapon up their sleeve. That secret weapon is an arsenal of call center software. If you run a call center and you’re looking into improving your efficiency, then this article is for you.

Here are our top picks for the best call center tools at your disposal.

Interactive Voice Responses

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) is an essential tool in any call center. When you’re using this software, inbound callers are connected first to an automated voice system that has pre-programmed responses.

This software is used to effectively filter inbound calls into different categories. This will help you determine which call center agent or department the call should go through to.

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. It is another essential tool, especially if your call center focuses mainly on sales.

CRM systems keep track of all of your customers’ details and which stage in the sales process they might be at. You can integrate this with your call center software so that your agents get a handy snapshot of all the information you have on file about that customer before they speak to them.

This can help your team generate more leads and close more sales. It’s also useful for inbound calls as it can help agents to process any complaints or queries much quicker.

Call Routing

Call routing is an important tool for your sales force. Inbound call software can help route your calls to the exact agent that they need to go to.

You can customize your inbound call center software to suit your needs. For example, you can design a system that will route calls to agents based on their skills, or their previous dealings with certain customers and businesses.

Find out more about inbound call routing for salesforce here.

Call Recording

The best way to train new call center agents is to let them listen to previous calls. Call recording software allows you to do this.

Perhaps you get a difficult customer, or one of your call center agents does an amazing job of closing a sale over the phone. If you have the call recorded then you can show that to new employees as a real-world training exercise.

Help Desk Software

Finally, you can invest in some software that can help keep your call queues down and help you deal with more customers.

Not every customer wants or needs to speak to an agent on the other end of the phone. If you have some help desk software in your call center, you can help your customers without the need for a conversation over the phone.

This will help to free up time so that your agents can deal with priority customers.

Call Center Software Can Help Increase Efficiency

Ultimately, call centers are all about efficiency. If you want to improve efficiency, generate more leads, serve more customers, and close more deals, then investing in call center software is a no-brainer.

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