Every Google Workspace subscription comes with a smartphone or tablet management solution, so you may use this set of workplace productivity features without spending money on additional mobile device management options.

Using the endpoint protection settings located in the Google’s Admin panel, administrators may protect business data on personal gadgets and those associated with their company. An MDM software’s security features offer improved account privacy, thorough access control, as well as data protection.

Risks related to mobile devices that are not handled.

Even while mobile workers handle just as much important client and company information as stationary workers, their workstations are far less protected than those that are secured in an overnight office vacancy. When used off-site, laptops and cell phones are susceptible to several threats, including:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • access to a public WiFi network
  • access by unrelated parties (such as friends and kids of the employee)

Threats that have nothing to do with where the gadget is located include:

  • installation of malicious software, phishing attacks, and the use of malicious websites
  • Using flash drives or other unreliable storage devices to connect,
  • simple passwords or even the absence of any screen blocking.

Each of these dangers has the potential, under certain conditions, to directly result in data leaking. Such breaches result in hefty financial fines for violations of the GDPR or additional safety requirements, in addition to reputational issues and a loss of consumer confidence.

What is the administration of mobile devices?

Connecting all laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices that access business data to a system that enables managers to track their behavior and settings is known as mobile device management, or MDM for short.

Along with mobile apps management, mobile media management, BYOD, as well as mobile information management, mobile device management is a crucial component of the EMM (enterprise mobility management) strategy.

Software for managing mobile devices comes in a variety of brands. Customers of Google workspace device management do not need to adopt other solutions, though, since this integrated service comes with a variety of security setups.

Google Workspace offers two tiers of mobile device management

By choosing between basic and sophisticated control options, you may adjust how much the MDM service interferes with employee device security settings to suit your organization’s needs.

Depending on the plan your business is utilizing, advanced options may or may not be accessible.

Google Workspace offers two tiers of mobile device management
Google Workspace offers two tiers of mobile device management

Basic characteristics of mobile device management

Any organization will benefit from the basic MDM feature set since it enables you to swiftly respond to vandalism or disappearance of a device as well as establish fundamental obstacles to unauthorized access. The options for this security level in Google Workspace are as follows:

  • a list of all the devices on which staff members have accessed the company’s Google account,
  • the capacity to require devices to use a password and screen lock,
  • protection protecting device data from viruses and hacker attempts,
  • deletion of enterprise data from the mobile device and remote user logout,
  • lists of secure Android applications
  • Reports from mobile devices may be used to spot unusual activities and force a device login reset.

Administrators have limited control from afar access to the corporate data stored on workers’ computers and mobile devices when using the basic MDM solution. These fundamental functions may be customized, are enabled by default, and are included with each Google Workspace plan.

Mobile device management technology

Configure powerful mobile device management features for handling mobile devices if you want to guarantee a high level of data protection. Users with Google Workspace licensing in Business Plus, Entrepreneurship, Education Standard, University Plus, and accounts with a subscription to Cloud Identity Premium may utilize them.

With this level of management, administrators have access to a variety of functions, including:

  • enforcement of strong credentials for access,
  • In the administrative console, there is a choice to authorize new devices.
  • complete remote device memory clearing
  • iOS application management
  • extended reporting for mobile security (https://csrc.nist.gov/glossary/term/mobile_device) that covers app and security information,
  • Security guidelines for data synchronization, file transfers, camera use, and encryption.

You might need to install an extra program, that includes Google Device Policy and Android Device Policy, in order to execute some of these functions. By OS version, MDM settings change.

Automatically registering

What time does the device being used show up in the admin panel? Immediately when the user connects in to establish a Google Workspace application on it.

It implies that the administrator need not take any action in order to get a general understanding of the number of computers and phones used to handle corporate data.

Administrative MDM device registration for company-owned equipment

From the moment they are given to end users, company devices need to be recognized in the console. Administrators have two options for doing this:

Manual registration: The administrator imports a list with serial numbers to create an inventory of the devices. In this manner, the manager can receive warnings about gadgets that do not exhibit activity and new employee credentials are not required to be confirmed.

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