You’ve been keeping your Twitter business profile updated, hoping that it is reaching your target clients. You never forget to write the click here and link it up to the recently posted article you have on your site. And yet, it seems you are not getting the response that you have hoped for.

And yet, beyond all the clients and possible customers, there is more to this social media site that you should look after. It is also where news agencies, bloggers, and influencers are. They are looking for brands they can feature, so you want to make sure that you are one of those they would consider.

And then there are the honest and extremely passionate customers who go on Twitter to voice out what they think. Whether it’s their opinion or their complaint they want to rant about, you want to make sure that you are out there to speak of your brand.

Social listening, no matter how you do it, is an important thing to do for your business. Just imagine yourself picking an online video editor, you want to make sure that you pick the right one. So before you end up with a social media disaster, here are the top tips to help you optimize your Twitter business profile.

Review your Twitter Profile

What does your Twitter Bio say? It may seem like 160 characters is not enough to say everything you want to say about your business, but you have to make it work. take note of the relevant keywords that you can use instead? Look into the many possibilities of how 160 characters can work to your advantage.

The use of hashtags in Twitter is very popular, but is it something you should use for your bio? In truth, hashtags may be effective in improving ranking or popularity, but it distracts people from reading through your bio. But if you decide to use an industry hashtag, make sure that it doesn’t link up to a competitor.

Consider a Business Image For the Header

Think of it this way: the Twitter header is like having your own magazine cover online. It is a space you can use to feature your brand and the many things that you can offer. You may choose to change it regularly to keep your followers updated. It may not be a whole video edited using an online video editor, but it says a lot about your business.

What’s great about the header image is that it is much larger than the profile image, which means you can do a lot more to it. What images can you put in the header? You may use either of the following:

  • Latest products
  • Top-selling services or products
  • Team picture
  • Office space photo
  • Special event

Choosing the right image for your header takes time and perspective. Make sure that you double-check the coordinates of the image to achieve the desired aesthetic value. More importantly, make sure to optimize your image. You can do this by saving it under a filename with keywords that represent your brand. Not only will the photo be up there, but its filename can help increase your chances of being found during an image search.

Pick the Right Image for Your Twitter Profile

Review your Twitter Profile

This is the part where you stop and think of what you want your clients to remember about you. While you may have a company logo that speaks of everything about your brand, you need a profile image that is easy to recognize. One look and your clients know that it is your brand they are seeing.

If your company logo does not show well in the small square frame of the profile picture or if it includes a lot of text, then perhaps you may consider making a secondary logo. This could be something you can use on Twitter and across all the other social media accounts that you may have for your business.

Much like how you consider the online video editor you use, it is a must that you think of the details of your mini logo. the image size must display well on a mobile device. Most experts recommend an image with the size of 400 by 400 pixels. Anything less would be too small and anything bigger would end up getting cut out.

Generate Organic Traffic to Your Website

Most business owners who have set up their Twitter business profile always add a link to their profile. The link will directly bring the visitor to their website where they can read through everything about the business and what it has to offer. But did you know that you can do more? Use this feature to drive organic traffic to your website. How?

Instead of adding the basic homepage link to your site, it is best that you lead them to specific pages on your website. Since people on Twitter love to read stories or news updates, maybe you can link them up to the company newsroom or perhaps even the blog.

Who knows, maybe they’d be interested to look into the new video you produced. Or maybe they want to know what online video editor you used. All of these could generate traffic while it builds momentum for your brand. 

Make Your Profile Public.

Take a good look at your profile. Is it accessible to anyone and everyone? Since you may have a set of consumers in mind, then keep your Twitter profile public. If your tweets or your profile is not public, the likelihood of your brand getting discovered is next to zero. 

Whether you decide to use an online video editor or a free app to create that secondary company logo, keep in mind these five tips. Not only will they help generate traffic and perhaps build a good company standing on Twitter, but they will allow you to see things in perspective. After all, business is all about having the right perspective that sells. 

Parting Words 

What could you be doing wrong? You are not the only business owner wondering about this. In fact, others started using an online video editor to help them improve their Twitter posts. Recent studies show that more than 330 million people use Twitter on a daily basis. There is no doubt that your target clients are there, that’s why your business should be there too.

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