Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in all industries today. SEO and marketing are no exceptions. AI helps to monitor the site performance based on marketing benchmarks and competitor analysis.

So, it improves business productivity by making recommendations and increasing the effectiveness of SEO strategies. Several AI-based SEO tools are available to aid content writing, link building, and focusing keywords on measuring SEO performance.

Today’s post will enlist ten popular SEO software to enhance a website’s visibility and rank on search engines. So, let us begin without any further delay:

Popular AI SEO Software

1.Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a popular SEO tool for digital marketers and writers to develop and optimize their content strategies. It uses artificial intelligence by providing users with the details they are searching. For optimal outcomes, it gives all the details on high-demand keywords, their volume, length, content structure, the number of heading, subheadings needed, quality backlinks, etc.

A post can be imported into Surfer SEO to get detailed tips to increase SERP ranking. It gives data based on the target audience, niche, and domain. It is the most important internal SEO tool for optimizing and maintaining website quality.

Major Features:

  • Creates an appropriate content strategy for your domain.
  • Single-click content guidelines.
  • Actionable audit to assist in gaining control of your niche.
  • Multi-language support.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform for SEO. It comprises a full package of tools for site audits, website ranking, competitor analysis, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and more. It helps digital marketing experts to develop a comprehensive SEO Strategy. 

Major Features:

  • A detailed audit of a website.
  • Tracks page changes and On-Page SEO.
  • Checks and monitors the backlinks.
  • Performs keyword research.

3. WordLift

WordLift is recognized as the first semantic SEO solution to automate structured data markup using NLP(natural language processing) and linked data publishing. It scans the text and converts it into machine-readable form. The purpose is to boost audience engagement and increase organic traffic to the website. It simplifies communication with a search engine.

Major Features:

  • Simple procedure to add complex data visualizations and graphics.
  • Creates an immersive user experience for readers.
  • Marks relevant recommendations to utilize data to discover new methods to share and monetize work.

4. Alli AI

Alli AI tool offers many AI-powered features to conduct keyword research, track your rankings, audit your site, repair broken links, develop new backlinks, and improve your site all from one place. It automatically applies SEO improvements when you add any line to your website via JavaScript. It monitors the overall traffic efficiently. It is a perfect solution for both designers and non-designers.

Major Features:

  • Compatibility with all CMS.
  • Simple and easy to set up and utilize.
  • Suggestions for outreach links.
  • Provides immediate SEO improvements.
  • Makes real-time SEO recommendations. 
  • Self-adjust to SEO algorithm changes.

5. Squirrly

It is one of the best WordPress AI SEO tools. It’s a tried-and-true software to help your website rank faster. This plugin is installed directly from your WordPress admin panel to analyze your website and generate action items automatically. It employs artificial intelligence to provide outstanding, data-driven SEO to outperform all of your competition. Squirrly allows you to create great SEO content, increase organic traffic, and improve ranks. 

Major Features:

  • Identifies and selects the best keywords.
  • Give the go-ahead to publish your material.
  • Increases web visibility.
  • Keep a close eye on your rank.

6. Linkhunter

Linkhunter automates the process of link development and relationship building. It employs artificial intelligence to locate suitable websites on the internet to contact and communicate with. It helps to make a campaign to accomplish what you aim at, such as guest posting, link building, marketing, etc. You just need to type in the title of the article or website you want to work on and the focus keyword. 

Major Features:

  • Find suitable websites to contact automatically.
  • Scrapes email addresses from each webpage automatically.
  • Send first emails and follow-up emails automatically.
  • Tracks the effectiveness and outcomes of a campaign.

7. Frase

It is another AI SEO software that assists you in creating content to align with user intent. Frase helps you rank on the first page of search engines by writing better content. It also generates content optimum to use for voice searches. It enhances SEO and boosts conversions by including your target audience’s frequently asked questions. 

Major Features:

  • Automated question research.
  • Briefings on content to determine what to write.
  • A content production tool to produce material more quickly.
  • AI content optimization answer engine tells what people are looking for on the internet.

8. Diib

The next prominent AI SEO software on our list is Diib. It enhances your company’s visibility and informs the user in plain English about the website’s current state. It all starts with a thorough analysis of your website and identifying the most promising areas for increasing traffic and sales.

Major Features:

  • Build a customized growth plan.
  • Provides automated analysis to determine how you compare to others.
  • Progress tracker. 
  • Generates social analytics reporting, web repeating, page reporting, SEO reporting, etc.
  • Includes a library of learning consisting of tips, tools, and tutorials.

9. Morphio AI

Morphio is a digital marketer’s AI SEO platform to scale their data analysis operations. It also automatically tracks your competitor’s rank changes so you can capitalize. Users may immediately correlate data with their respective ROI.

They receive real-life action items due to hands-on data analytics automation to boost rankings quickly. Users get constant information from a proprietary algorithm that can help them improve their bottom line.

It helps to easily aggregate marketing results and concentrate on the most important indicators. You can also combine Search, Display, and Social Media marketing data on a single platform with Morphio AI.

Major Features:

  • Tracks the marketing campaigns.
  • Performs A/B testing.
  • Maps client journey to study sales funnel.
  • Monitors website traffic.
  • Conduct predictive analysis to direct SEO efforts at the right place.

10. INK

It is a free AI SEO word editor to generate content faster and intelligently. Most writing aids check basic spelling, grammar, and tone, but INK is a full-featured word processor to improve overall SEO.

It optimizes the use of focus keywords and also suggests similar keywords to target and rate your content ranking well. It analyzes your text using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 

Major Features:

  • Allows to cut and paste content from Word.
  • Optimizes content for focus keywords.
  • Works like Grammar correction tools suggest grammatical errors, adverbs, passive voice, etc.
  • Calculates the readability score.

Wrapping Up:

We can conclude that Artificial Intelligence SEO software anticipates what search engines want. Tracking essential optimizations becomes difficult and time-consuming because Google’s algorithms are updated regularly.

AI SEO software helps here to learn and adapt to changes. They can also alert you to any problems in your rankings so you can take immediate action. They assist you in improving your content, building quality links, and analyzing the SEO Perth performance to maintain a high search engine rating.

AI SEO tools also make valuable recommendations based on user search intent so that you can address their interests effectively. So, we can sense the urgency of using AI-powered SEO tools to strengthen your marketing strategies to always stay ahead in the competition!

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