Let me be honest about something. You do not need a Smart TV to experience the best form of digital content there is, provided you have access to a streaming device. But then, can’t a smartphone with an exceptional array of applications suffice.

While a smartphone can be as ingenious as a device can get, it leaves a lot to be desired if an individual has a penchant for more indulgent aspect ratios. Smartphones and even tablets in that regard have restrictive screens, which make it impossible to enjoy TV shows and movies with the entire family.

This is the reason why it is better to consider content viewing options for the big screen, i.e. something that would help you make better use of the existing television set. Also, I understand that you might not be willing to invest in a massive Smart television as of now when the existing non-Smart TV seems to be working just fine.

Perfect Home Entertainment

Keeping these considerations in mind, I would advise you to get hold of a streaming device, or the Amazon Fire TV to be exact. While there are quite a few streamers in the market, the ability to house multiple third-party applications and content viewing resources makes the Fire TV Stick a go-to resource for content connoisseurs.

But, which applications should you aim for, to make the best use of a recently purchased Amazon Fire TV Stick? If you aren’t aware of the best options, fret not as I have enlisted the top applications that can transform your non-Smart TV into something more resourceful and inclusive:

10 Best Fire TV Stick Applications for Perfect Home Entertainment

1. Netflix

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start this discussion with an expected inclusion. Netflix, as an OTT client, is miles ahead of any other streaming service provider, mostly for the diversity of content pieces, nifty user interface, and a responsive back-end.

However, unlike some of the other applications that you can get for free, Netflix comes with a significant price tag. However, once you take a look at the Netflix Originals like Sense 8, Lucifer, and more, you wouldn’t mind investing in it.

2. ExpressVPN

Before immersing yourself in the sea of unabated content options, it is good practice to install a credible Virtual private network app. A VPN ensures that you can carry the Fire TV Stick with you on global excursions and business meets.

But, why ExpressVPN! While I can create an entire blog on this topic, it is better to stick to the main points for now. ExpressVPN comes with an excellent server spread, which allows you to manage TV shows, watch region-restricted content, and even download P2P shows and content without getting noticed.

Plus, it has a kill switch to minimize exposure and ensure peace of mind while enjoying the content. Not to mention, if you already have Netflix on you, the ExpressVPN can certainly help you unearth several other country-specific flavors.

3. Cinema APK

In one way or the other, the Cinema APK is the most popular app for Firestick, provided you want to stay on course with the newest releases and random content pieces. But then, there are quite a few individuals who continuously misinterpret the functionality of this highly quick-witted application.

Cinema APK is not a regular streaming app with a database of its own. Instead, it regularly streams content from different sources, as per your preferences. Also, you can easily download content on your device and consider watching it offline. Therefore, with Cinema APK, you need not worry about the quality of internet connection for determining the timing of your content indulgence.

4. VLC

While it is good to have several content viewing options to rely on, nothing beats the importance of an efficient video and audio player. Therefore, if you are more into viewing content residing on the storage of the TV Stick or looking to experience shows and movies in the offline mode, I would personally recommend the VLC media player.

While there are several other options to invest in, including the MX viewer or the proprietary interfaces of streaming giants like Typhoon TV, nothing works better than VLC, courtesy of the adaptive streaming technology, multi-format support, and the ability to run subtitles for select shows and movies.

5. Crackle

Have you ever considered a Fire TV Stick app that helps you regulate the content and ensures that the kids can only have discretionary access to the same? If you are considering a similar app, it is better to invest in Crackle, which looks like a customary streaming database for movies and TV shows but offers a higher level of control over the interface and programs. Plus, you can easily filter out adult content, to minimize exposure.

6. Sling TV

What about a good IPTV service on your Fire TV Stick? If you are still unsure regarding the functionality of an IPTV client, you might want to reconsider your choices, especially in 2021. Users spending exorbitantly on cable television can make the best of an IPTV service provider with Sling TV being the best bet for those looking to enjoy news, cartoons, live sports, and even regular entertainment channels.

Having Sling TV by your side is one step more towards converting the Fire TV stick into a holistic entertainment hub.

7. CyberFlix TV

Your internet connection might restrict you from experiencing every piece of content in 4K or even Full HD. Despite lack of connectivity being considered a transient issue, you should still prepare for the gloomy days by getting the CyberFlix TV as your Fire TV Stick application of choice.

With this application, you can easily download content for viewing in offline mode or stream the same in real-time without even having to create an account.

8. BeeTV

If you are more into elusive TV shows that aren’t easily available online, I would suggest you install the much-anticipated and extremely useful BeeTV application. While it offers a pretty exhaustive library, you can even end up requesting shows and movies and the company will try to make it available for you, at the earliest.

Quite inventive, isn’t it!

9. Kodi

Placing the Kodi app in the 9th place might offend a few but I am still saving the best options for the last. This open-source media platform allows you to stream movies and stack in an entire gamut of add-ons to spice up the content viewing experience.

10. Crunchyroll

What about some Japanese anime and content options straight from the Asian mainland? If you are into such choices, it is better to get the Crunchyroll app on the Fire TV Stick at the earliest. Although it is a paid app, you would rue making this choice.

If you can get each of these apps onto the Fire TV Stick, I am sure you wouldn’t need anything else to keep you engaged. While some of these apps do come at a price, I feel it is an investment worth making, if you are looking to experience something worthwhile.

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