If your business doesn’t have a presence on Instagram yet – or if you’re an influencer wondering whether you should pick it up – you absolutely should. Having an Instagram account means you’ll be visible to a potential audience of millions, so it should be pretty obvious why you should want an Instagram presence. You may try different strategies to know how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. If nothing else, posting content on Instagram – whether that’s photos, videos, or Stories – is just fun, and helps you to document your day-to-day life.

With that said, there are ways that you can augment your presence on Instagram if you want to build your profile. Instagram by itself is a fine marketing tool, but it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin and what to do to market yourself on the platform, even if you’ve been on it for years.

Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you to do just that. Here are our top 5 Instagram tools to help you build a marketing profile and make yourself known to more people!

1. ProfileFollower

There really aren’t any tools out there quite as powerful or effective as ProfileFollower for building your following and bringing more people to your content. ProfileFollower can help you to get free Instagram followers and likes, and the best part is that you don’t even need to do anything; just keep on creating content as you normally would, and watch the new followers and likes roll in!

So, how does ProfileFollower work? All you need to do is give them your Instagram username (they’ll never require your personal information or password), then choose which package you want and how many followers you’d like. After this, you just need to verify that you’re a real human being, and ProfileFollower’s magic algorithm will do the rest! Brilliant, right?

2. Buffer

If you’re not using Buffer and you’re a regular Instagram habitue, then you’re definitely missing out on something magical. Buffer is a post scheduling tool that lets you decide when you want to send out your Instagram posts well ahead of time. The time-saving benefits of Buffer should be obvious; it’s great for when you know you need to schedule some posts, but you can’t get to your device.

Buffer doesn’t just have a scheduling system, though. It also allows you to see detailed analytics about what you’re posting so that you can make more informed decisions about what worked and what didn’t. It’ll give you reminders about when your content is scheduled to post, and it’ll let you save drafts and post to your Stories as well. Buffer really is the tool that can do it all!


Awario is more specifically intended for brands than it is for individual influencers. Using Awario, you can monitor social media conversations (public ones, that is) that might be going on about your industry, and then you can see who’s talking about that subject and whether they might be a good subject for collaboration. If you’ve been wanting to get into influencer marketing, Awario is a crucial tool.

Be warned: Awario isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a business-oriented tool, and some of the ease of use mechanisms could be a little…well…easier. That said, it’s incredibly powerful, and you can even track more than one account at once, making it perfect if you’re a social media agency looking to work with more than one client. To put it simply, if you’re a business or a social media marketing firm, you need Awario.


If you think Instagram can occasionally be a chore, then you definitely need to check out Kicksta. Using this tool, you can look up tags and find the profiles of people who are following and looking at that tag. By doing this, you’re cutting out the middleman and going straight to profiles who might reciprocate a follow, thereby ensuring that you don’t waste your time combing through hashtags and profiles.

Here’s how it works. Kicksta will search for profiles of people you tell it to, based on different hashtags or profile parameters. Once it’s found these profiles, it will begin liking some of their content, thus encouraging them to like you back. In this way, you’ll organically build your Instagram follower count with no need for bots or other unscrupulous software.


The big boast for Iconosquare is that it offers “actionable social media analytics”, and when we tested it out, that’s exactly what we found. Iconosquare will allow you not only to schedule posts on both Instagram and Facebook – and don’t forget that you can link your accounts for these two platforms – but it also lets you look at the data and make decisions based on what you’re seeing.

The big star of the show when it comes to Iconosquare is its dashboard. It’s chock-full of relevant, handy information that will show you which metrics you need to track and how to up your social media game. Iconosquare isn’t cheap, so it’s definitely better for businesses and brands than it is for individual influencers, but it’s still an excellent tool to have in your social media arsenal.

These are our top 5 favourite tools for helping you to build your profile on Instagram. Whether it’s contacting influencers, checking your metrics, or ensuring your posts are on point, Instagram marketing isn’t easy, so why not let these tools carry some of the weight for you?

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