Fall is here and you are probably thinking about how you can wow your friends with outdoor entertaining. Fall 2021 is the year of the outdoor living room, and real estate agents across the United States are talking about upgrades that your guests will love — and will also appeal to potential buyers if you are looking to sell in the future. Buyers are ready, and upgrades will only entice them more. Here are some to consider for backyards of all sizes:

Get cozy

One of the top backyard upgrades that real estate agents across the country are talking about is really hot — a fire pit. In fact, more than 76 percent of agents are seeing this as a popular upgrade in their markets. You might have thought about a fire pit in the past and considered that it was too complicated to install, but you can add one to make your backyard cozy without too much effort.

An above-ground fire pit can come from a kit that can be moved around to the most convenient location in your backyard, and taken inside in the winter months. A larger backyard can be ideal for an inground fire pit with comfortable seating to make it eleven more cozy. Other options are gas, or wood-burning designs, depending on regulations for your homeowners’ association or personal preferences. There’s one for every type of backyard and with a little research, you can find the right one for you.

Comfort is in

Outdoor living rooms are all about increasing comfort levels, and the fastest way to achieve that is by upgrading your furniture. Real estate agents are advising sellers to replace plastic lounge chairs with cushioned couches and oversized chairs in all-weather upholstery.

Your goal is to achieve the same level of comfort outdoors as you have indoors. To add to the living room experience, you can add a coordinated rug and pillows (in all-weather material of course), and create a dedicated lounge space that your guests will love.

Let there be light

Lighting is another must, especially if you want to entertain guests at night. You don’t even need a power source outside to make lighting work for your backyard. Solar lights can be a huge advantage in the fall months with stake lights working as an addition to potted plants or around the perimeter of a lawn.

Cafe or string lights are another pick if you want something temporary that can easily transform your backyard. Another plus of string lights, even all-weather ones, is that you can take them down in the winter, or move them to a different part of your yards, such as to a tree or privacy fence if you make other additions or upgrades.

No matter the size of your backyard, there is a way to transform it from an open space into a functional living room. You might be surprised at the world of difference that a weekend trip to a home improvement store can make. Read more articles on Technos Daily.

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