HR metrics are key data points that enable business owners to track recruitment and human resource activities. These metrics help companies to get a detailed report on how their programs function to make the most suitable adjustments. 

There are different metrics you can consider today, and they help business owners to create a positive environment for their staff. HR metrics help businesses to begin their analytics journey, as they are the leading step toward making decisions that match your business goals.

Below we discuss the top HR metrics you can consider in 2023 to improve your employee growth rate.


Over eighty percent of a company’s budget is directed towards its people’s cost, which makes it essential to keep a detailed headcount. Headcount is the total number of staff in your organization, including temporary and permanent individuals. 

An accurate headcount is critical, as it informs you if you have enough task force to reach your goals. This, in turn, means improved financial management and accurate estimation of costs. 


Most employers think they can easily replace their staff, but this is not usually the case. The turnover process can cost twice your yearly salary and should be an ideal way to lower your return rates. 

The essential metrics here include the following;

  • Resignation trends
  • Predicted resignation
  • Resignation drivers.

An institution’s turnover rate entails involuntary and voluntary departures, and business owners can quickly determine which employees to lay off and which contracts to terminate. 


A recent study has shown that over 80% of employees check out a company’s diversity before considering a job offer. Diversity in a business setup means the range of differences, mainly related to ethnicity, gender, and age. 

Most organizations are focusing on inclusion, diversity, and equity, and the most important metrics here include;

  • Location
  • Industry.


Compensation is one of the leading reasons people quit their jobs. This does not mean the salary is low, but the lack of advancement opportunities. The primary compensation includes bonuses, retirement plans, and salaries. 

Organizations that keep track of their compensation ensure their market demand and pay scale are aligned, and the main metrics include;

  • Range penetration
  • Compa-ratio
  • Salary. 

Workforce Cost 

The total workforce cost is slightly higher than salaries. This cost includes the following;

  • Market data
  • Finance data
  • HR data, like salaries and benefits. 

Keeping track of the TCOW helps businesses to stay competitive by developing an effective plan. 

Layers and Spans 

Companies grow with time; spans and layers metrics help companies to reduce costs and improve the employee experience. Spans are the number of people who report directly to the manager, while layers are the total supervisory levels. 

The essential spans and layers to consider include the following;

  • Type of work
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Contingent layers
  • Interdependency. 

Employee Engagement 

Employees are an essential aspect of a business, and the most important metrics include the following;

  • Absenteeism
  • Glassdoor reviews
  • Voluntary turnover. 

Final Thoughts 

HR metrics play a vital role in an organization’s success, and the most important include headcount, turnover, and workforce cost, among others.

The above article has discussed the main metrics to consider, and more information is available online. 

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