Those who practice crafts are by nature creative people. They can utilise various objects to produce amazing things. One of the most-used objects that creative individuals utilise are magnets. Magnets with good strength are used by people to make multiple electronic devices like televisions and computers. 

Various industries like medical science, motor manufacture, technology and renewable energy utilise Strong block magnets like neodymium. They are the strongest ones, and many artists use them to make jewellery, modelling, and crafts. Different types of magnets are an essential element of a crafter’s toolkit. Here is a list of the essential ones that you need.

Flexible Strip Magnets

These types of magnets are pretty easy to cut. They come with an adhesive backing, which makes them easily adhere to your craftwork. It also eliminates the need to use any glue or adhesive.

These magnetic strips possess a holding force of around 12 ounces per square inch of material when they contact a flat or unpainted mild-steel plate. On the other hand, when they contact a painted steel plate, their force comes down to around 8 ounces per square inch. 

These magnets have a release liner that the users can pull back when they want to expose the adhesive. Several objects, like calendars and photos, can be applied to the glue and turned into a magnet. 

Neodymium Magnets

Those who are into the craft of jewellery making will find the magnet quite helpful. Professionals use Neodymium magnets for making jewellery clasps. The clasp is held together by this strong magnet that is present inside it.

These types of magnets in both the halves of the clasp-set align themselves automatically and are held securely till the user separates them. Neodymium Strong block magnets come in numerous shapes, sizes, and grades. Therefore, they have a massive range of commercial and industrial applications. These magnets also act as the best substitute for a multi-purpose magnet with good strength. 

Ceramic Magnets

These are also called ferrite magnets and are one of the cheapest yet hard magnets available. Iron oxide and strontium carbonate are the significant components of ceramic magnets.

They offer a medium magnetic strength. Due to their ability to easily magnetise and their corrosion resistance, they are used in many commercial, technical, and consumer applications. Just a dab of some super glue is needed for the magnet to attach itself to practically anything.

For example, you can stick them to glass beads or the bottom of a bowl. You can also make exciting crafts like a fishing pole game for your children. Apart from this, you can also easily decorate your working space using these magnets on your artwork, maps, calendars, and pictures. 

Pan Head Magnets

They are generally round and in white enamelled steel casings. They possess 14 lbs of pull force. The casings and the magnet are magnetised for creating a holding force. This holding force is significantly more substantial in comparison to an individual magnet.

They are given the name pan head because they have a knob, which is quite handy for hanging things like keys or signs. People generally find these magnets as a helpful tool for hanging jewellery. As the holding force is more potent, it is possible to hang more load on them than only attaching a knob to a ceramic magnet.

Magnets fulfil much of the crafting needs of those fond of making crafts or are into a related business. It is impossible to make a vast number of décor accessories without the use of quality magnets. Also, read about Different Types of Data Recovery Services.

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