Are you trying to get social? Joining a social media platform approach arising with a completely unique social handle. This username needs to say something about who you’re and what society can assume if they observe you. But first, you want to make sure that no person else is using your username. This is wherein the DNS checker comes in. DNS checker’s Social Media Name Checker is a Swift, Free, and Protected mode to test the provision of social media handles and usernames throughout a couple of systems in only one click.

Why Check Username Availability?

When you’re considering beginning a brand new enterprise or startup, you arrive to recognize that your chosen username on the social media platform isn’t available. It will become quite disheartening because a few different users have already taken it on social media websites.

You ought to take a look at username availability while you need to have one username throughout all social media systems for branding purposes.

You need to strive for unique versions to ensure the desired username is to be had throughout the board, and if it’s far to be had, steady it proper away without delay.

What is the difference between a Username and Social Media Handle?

The predominant distinction between usernames and social media handles is that usernames are private, and social media handles are public.

Usernames are used regularly as login credentials, and they may be not publicly available. Social media take care is immediately associated with your logo identity.

However, social media usernames come to be your preferred social handle as well.

What to do if your Social Media Username is already taken?

Your social presence approaches the entirety of you as a person or enterprise. You want to have a very good username due to the fact your social username creates a primary and everlasting imprint. That’s why you need to select a Social Username carefully.

An accurate social media username is impressive and easy to remember. Here are some reachable suggestions to remember while choosing your username:

1. Use your first or last name

For private social media accounts or for an enterprise this is tied in your name, remember the usage of both your first or last name as your username.

2. Use your job title

You can use a mixture of your name and your job title as your username. This will assist users to become aware of your profession together with your name.

3. Use the words “real” or “official” in your username

If your name isn’t impressive, you could use real or official to distinguish your username.

4. Use your internet site

 Use the domain name of your internet site as your username or username. This will make certain consistency in your logo.

5. Consider adding “the” “this” or “that.”

Adding a determiner in your username is a superb manner to make it stand out.

6. Add the word “its.”

Using the word “its” for your username will provide you with a different username.

7. you can Use keywords

You are very blessed if you have a completely unique call. But you may have found that you have name doppelgangers around the sector who’ve already monopolized your name on social media.

If that’s the case, you may use key phrases to set yourself apart. This is likewise an excellent manner to broadcast what you do and what units you do other than your namesake. Blogging Wizard contributor Elna Cain does together along with her username, @ecainwrites.

8. Use an underscore

This tip is final because it’s not flawless. Underscores are not the best take in your precious 15-character limit, however, they’re additionally difficult to remember.

If your preferred username @examplename is taken, it is able to not an excellent concept to use @example_name instead. You take the hazard of your followers (or ability followers) by accident linking to @examplename instead.

Why consistency is important for social media usernames?

Having consistency in social media usernames or handles makes your emblem or enterprise can be remembered easily and discover. It additionally facilitates making the emblem strong. Using a separate username or code for every social media platform confuses the target market. For example, case you use @mystore on Twitter and use @ecommercemystore on Twitter, it will confuse the target market and appears unskilled.

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