Businesses are always looking for new ways they can communicate effectively to their customers and clients, and while it can be easy to wait for the newest gadget or latest update, sometimes going back to basics is all you need to kick start a successful marketing campaign.

This is where your trusted SMS comes in.

Businesses all over the globe have started using SMS to elevate their marketing campaigns, and if you are wondering how you can get in on the action, then read on. This guide details how you can use SMS messaging for your business.

Mobile Marketing is Where It Is At

Did you know that more than half of users use their mobile to shop rather than the main computer? This new trend has inspired marketing switch-ups and optimization all across different sectors of a business to make sure they are creating the best chance possible of getting a conversion. This, of course, includes SMS messaging.

Sign Customers Up for Regular Communication

The usual port of call for regular communications with customers is email marketing, but did you know – the average email open rate is only around 20-30%? Not exactly inspirational in comparison to text messages, which have a rate of a whopping 97 – 99%.

It is also important to point out that many emails happily sit in an inbox untouched for days, weeks, even years at a time, whereas text messages are usually read within 15 minutes.

From these stats alone, it is clear that SMS messaging is winning the hearts of consumers over your standard email – but it is also important that you give them a reason to want to engage with your messages too. Allowing your customers to text back offers you not only some important data but also gives a personal feel in which no other marketing strategy can.

Exclusive Content

Offering your customers exclusive content through SMS is a great way to encourage people to keep engaging with your brand. This could be anything from a new product launch to a flash sale, and ‘SMS members-only discount’ to use. Not only does this make customers feel special and prioritised, but there has also been some suggestion that SMS marketing leads to an increase in conversions too.

If you are thinking about using an SMS messaging service to boost your conversion rates and engage with your customers in a more meaningful and direct way, head over to for more information.

Order and Appointment Reminders

Another excellent use of SMS messaging for businesses is using it to remind customers of an up-and-coming appointment or delivery order. In a world where there is so much going on, an email will probably head straight to the inbox to be worried about later, whereas a text message will pop up directly and tell them what they need to know as a welcome reminder. Plus, everyone likes to know their order is out for delivery because they have something to look forward to!

If you are starting a new campaign, try these above ideas and see the difference it could make for you.


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