In early June 2020, Riot Games released a team shooter called Valorant, which can be called a mixture of CS:GO and Overwatch. Teamwork and accuracy of shooting are the keys here, and each bullet may be the last one for you. We decided to collect some tips for beginners who have never played multiplayer shooters or just decided to try Valorant but have no idea how it differs from similar projects.

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Rules of the game

Two teams of 5 people compete on various maps. At the very beginning, each player chooses one of the 11 characters (in the game they are called Agents). At the same time, two identical agents cannot be on the same team. Each game session is divided into rounds. To win the game, one of the teams needs to pick up 13 rounds.

Before the battle, one team assumes the role of the attacker, and the second defends. After 12 rounds, the teams switch places. To win the round, the attacking group must either plant a bomb and make it explode, or kill the entire opposing team.

In turn, the goal of the defensive team is to clear the bomb or kill all the opponents. Before each round, you will have the opportunity to buy various weapons ranging from pistols to sniper rifles. You can earn weapons by various actions, for example, killing the enemy, assisting, clearing bombs, and much more. Swiftplay is a new Valorant mode in the game – you can also try it.

Change your game speed

Stop running around the map and start using Shift to move around quietly. For those who have already played online shooters, this will be obvious advice, but there are still those who do not understand why they do quiet movement in such games at all. The fact is that when you run, opponents begin to hear footsteps and, due to this, quickly calculate the location.

In Valorant, when you run, a circle even appears around your mark on the map, which shows at what distance the noise is heard. If you are sure that there are no enemies and you can safely run, then switch to the knife and start your sprint race. Characters move faster with a knife than with any other weapon in their hands.

Don’t shoot on the move

Valorant has specific shooting mechanics, so it can be difficult for beginners to hit the enemy on the move. To begin with, try to kill at least someone standing still. Naturally, there is no need to stand and wait at the base when rivals come to visit you. It’s about moving with the whole team, but being able to take a favorable position in time and stop. The shots will be much more accurate when the character is standing still.

In order not to be an easy target for opponents, after practicing shooting on the spot, start moving with the Shift clamped and continue shooting at enemies. While walking, the first few shots will be as accurate as possible, but after them, the sight will begin to expand in the same way as during running. In principle, at first, you can try shooting in small bursts, moving slowly.

Only after getting used to the basic mechanics of Valorant, you can start running with firearms and kill a lot of opponents.

Keep track of your finances

For newcomers to Valorant, it may seem right to spend all credits on weapons and abilities at the beginning of each round, but this is not the case. You should always keep track of your finances and choose the right weapons by the purchase of teammates.

For example, you are unlikely to be able to win a round if you buy yourself a machine gun at the very beginning, and your partners will not have any money at all, and they will have to run with a starting pistol. To prevent this from happening, it is worth saving credits for 1-2 rounds and waiting until everyone has money to buy an effective weapon for the fight.

Do not start the round without armor

Do not start the round without armor

There are a lot of cool guns in Valorant, and you will agree that you can get as much pleasure from using them as possible only if you stay alive until the end of the round. This will help with the armor, which is worth buying before the start of each battle with the enemy team. The fact is that without it, your 100 health units will be enough for a maximum of one exact turn from the enemy.

Armor should always be part of your complete purchase. Even if you have to sacrifice a cooler weapon for it, take the armor.

Hold your sight correctly

A common mistake of beginners in shooters is that they run around the map and at the same time their sight is aimed at the floor. When they encounter an opponent during their fun marathon, they die faster than they have time to move the sight to the opponent’s body or head. Never run with the sight aimed at the floor!

Your task is to learn how to move so that the sight is always at the level of the enemy’s head, you can slightly lower it, somewhere in the neck area. As soon as you enter Valorant, immediately give yourself such an installation and under no circumstances lower the scope.

Valorant is a very cool game that is played by a huge number of players around the world. At the same time, esports competitions are produced for this game, where you can be inspired by the game of real professionals and improve your game.

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