Selling a used mobile for an upgrade is a rapidly increasing trend. Be it selling off a phone for an upgrade or for securing some cash, it is always best to know where to sell it in order to avail the best possible price.

Online peer-to-peer marketplace such as OBV facilitates the second hand mobile sellers to set their offerings on display and fetch quotes from the buyers. Before setting a selling price to a model, this platform favors used mobile valuation ensuring that the deal is fair at both ends. 

As per statistics, approximately 19% users have a pattern of upgrading their devices within the first year of purchase, whereas 44% users tend to upgrade within two years. The resale value also differs as per the brand, where Apple’s resale goes as low as 70% within three-four months of use, brands like Xiaomi dips by 62% within the same period.

The depreciation further goes steep like within 3 years, when Apple’s resale value lowers to 19%, and Xiaomi stays at 28%. For brands like Samsung and OnePlus, resale value is recorded at 16% after 3 years of use. Check used mobile price on OBV to have a clear idea about the depreciated value of your second-hand mobile before you tag it with a resale price.

To-Dos to Increase the Resale Value of Your Second Hand Mobile 

As a seller, while it is tough to control the depreciation of a mobile, an old phone which is in a good condition can help you make a few extra pennies by following some simple tricks. The pointers listed below will enable you to score a great deal for your used mobile:

  • Focus on mobile casing: No matter what, always use a case to safeguard the phone’s glass screen and its rear from damage. Even though it might look like compromise on its color or design, but it definitely saves the device from dents and cracks which is going to get a good resale value. Also, casing must provide all round support at the edges, enveloping the screen and tip of the case.
  • Consider add-ons: Adding some extra features for a mobile definitely spikes the deal on used mobile price check. This can include a SIM slot key, original packaging, and adaptor as well as original charger. Also, low cost add-ons like screen protectors, wireless charges, dashboard holders, cases, or desktop docks do a great deal up on used mobile pricing.
  • Retain the box: Unboxing must be closely followed by safeguarding all the parts that are within the box. If you are selling through an online peer to peer marketplace, they always prefer to have an original charger along with the box. Reboxing the phone assures that it is still in its original condition or as close as it can get which makes it appeal wider buyer base and translates into higher bucks.
  • Consider clean up: It is a common notion that used smartphones will not fetch a greater price no matter how clean it may look. This is actually not true. Cleanliness translates into higher value. Always keep its screen clear and clean so that it passes the buyer’s inspection. A phone that performs well but may look old weary still won’t do a great job at spiking its selling cost. Looks definitely sell!
  • Get your screen repaired: Do a swift calculation and see if changing a damaged screen can get you any better cost than what you are already quoted for. Repairing a broken screen is indeed a wise move before trying to sell your used mobile to a third-party reseller or even if you opt to trade it in. Even if you check online mobile valuation portals, phones with no damage have a better quoted value than those listed within the damage category. As a result of this, the maximum buyer base heads to that segment to sort a buy. 

Additional Tip: Before selling your used mobile, make sure to back up your phone and resume it to its factory settings. It is an important step to safeguard your identity and data that will be switched to a new device.

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