Undoubtedly, there is no other content form as easily consumable and as engaging as video content. It can be quite addictive if used in the right way. In fact, studies show that 55% of the individuals watch videos every day, and then there are 78% of individuals watching videos at least once during the week.

The numbers are continuously growing, demonstrating why YouTube is the most powerful of all video streaming platforms. But the problem is that it is not easy to produce top-quality and professional videos which is also an imperative part of your digital marketing strategy.

Reaching out to the audience; educating consumers; improving engagement, and boosting conversions-these are goals you can achieve only if you present your videos in the most stunning manner.

So, here are 7 creative ideas for your next video marketing campaign. Have a look at them and then direct your video marketing plan according to the ideas presented to reap major benefits.

Use How-To Videos

How-To videos come as one good way of showing the audiences the right way of using a product or signing up for certain services. Such videos work wonders as introductory content where you want to get the audiences fully acquainted with your products and services.

If you want the audiences to trust your brand, then how-to videos will help you achieve this goal. Your how-to videos do not need to be long enough because then the content might start appearing boring to the audiences.

Aim at providing users with short tutorials of your products so it will get easier for them to understand how to create or troubleshoot something in a matter of a few seconds.

Try Contest Announcements

Are you hosting a contest or giveaway recently? If yes, then announce the details of the contest through a short and simple video instead of writing a long blog post. Creating a video to announce the contest is far more beneficial than updating the same on your social media profiles for your social media campaign.

Though you will have to use these mediums to gain more participants to your contest, be very careful when asking people to provide their own videos as entries to the contest.

This is a point you must ponder on because unless the prize for the winner is highly valuable, people will hardly take out the time or put in the effort to create their very own videos.

Leverage the Power of List Videos

The list videos are great for businesses trying to get their audiences into clicking in and all excited about watching visual presentations. The list videos come with titles like 6 Ways of…; 5 Top Varieties of… or 5 Reasons to… and so on.

The countdown visual presentations also fall in this same category, and they get the audiences anticipating right till the end. And human nature is such that if they get a hint of some secret coming out at the end of a video, they will stick to the video till the end even if it is of no use for them.

Go for Product Comparison Videos

It will be a great idea for you to make product comparison videos if the product of your company outshines competition consistently in the product demonstrations. But because you have the flexibility of creating a product comparison video does not mean that you can get overly biased and speak out negative things about the competitors.

No, you do not get the freedom to do this. And if you do this at all, customers will find this off-putting, and they might not connect with your brand. Try finding real customers who will try both the products and offer objective reviews. This will work wonders for your brand.

Product Showcase Videos Are Excellent

Product showcase videos help potential customers see and understand exactly what the products of a company look like when in action. Such videos go a long way in building trust among the prospects and in building the credibility of the products of a business.

These are videos where brands can showcase the production procedures, benefits, and specifications of their products. So, customers will not just get a better understanding of the products, but they will also be able to make the right purchase decisions.

These are also called product tour videos and are best used for product launch events. Brands can explain the differences between the same products, provide compatibility information and also put forward the points why users should use certain products and services in these videos.

Unboxing Videos Are the New Trend

Believe it or not but in this 21st century, people seem to be excited watching other people unboxing the products they intend to use. Can you even imagine this happening? Yes, it happens, and such videos are good ways for brands to build trust in their products and services.

And nowadays, businesses even hire professional YouTubers to shoot videos where they are unboxing the products of these brands for a fee, of course. Like influencer marketing, unboxing videos from professionals get more shares and help brands reach more audiences.

These videos are one of the best forms of product reviews, and they might even help users consider making investments in visually attractive packaging.

Offer Videos

Use the right online video editor for creating and editing offer videos that will catch customer attention in just a few seconds. You can let your customers know about the offers you have for them through short, interesting videos attached to their social media posts or emails.

Create videos highlighting the most important points of your offer, especially if you are releasing infographics, whitepapers, ebooks, or any other form of digital content.

Ready, Steady, Go!

There’s no need for you to feel overwhelmed or intimidated knowing that you must post some of the greatest videos to have your digital marketing campaign in place and to give a boost to your business.

The video creation job will get easier for you, and your video marketing will also be in place, provided you show a bit of patience. Practice is also needed at the same time.

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