Are you a graduate in real estate in Virginia? If yes, then you are in good company. There are many graduates in this sector who are eager to start their careers by practicing as real estate agents or salespersons in Virginia.

The state requires everyone to apply for a Virginia real estate license so that they can become a salesperson or an agent. If this is your career path, then you have no option but to follow this guide on how to apply.

Make Plans for the Licensing Process

Everything starts with a plan. Take time to research all the requirements and make plans on how to get your real estate license in Virginia. There are many sources of information including government websites, review platforms, and social media accounts.

Take time to understand all the requirements and plan for how to execute each one of them. For instance, you should allocate more time to your licensing education because it takes some weeks or months to complete the 60 hours of learning.

Requirements for the Virginia Real Estate License Application

The requirements to become a real estate agent in VA are very clear. If you really want to get a Virginia real estate license in an easy way, here are the requirements.

  • Pre-qualifications – Before making any further steps, ensure that you are 18 years old or above. Also, you must be a US citizen or at least have a permanent residency. Lastly, you should have a diploma or degree in real estate to apply for a real estate license in Richmond, VA.
  • Complete the licensing education – Another important requirement is to complete the 60-hour course offered by accredited schools. Perhaps, you want to consider an online school such as RealEstateU, which is convenient and affordable. Online schools allow people to take the Virginia real estate license course at their own pace before applying for the license.
  • Take the Virginia real estate licensing exam – After the course, you need to book a Virginia real estate license exam, tackle it, and pass.
  • Get a sponsoring broker – Another important step is getting a real estate broker to sponsor you. The broker will be your guide, mentor, and trainer on how to practice.
  • Undergo a background check with police – Lastly, you should have a clean record with law enforcement. So, do a fingerprint screening with the police and pass.

Apply for Your Virginia Real Estate License

Once you have met all the requirements, you can now apply for the Virginia real estate license. It is an easy process that you should complete through the government portal. Just be sure to provide all the required information and then upload all the required documents. The state will confirm receipt and then give you feedback promptly.


These insights on how to become a real estate broker in Virginia are very clear and helpful. If you follow them, you will not only be successful but also enjoy the process. You can also help someone go through the process and save them the struggle if they are new to real estate. Go and get your real estate license in VA.

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