Virtual numbers (VNs) are perceived as a modern technology that has greatly improved business development. It allows the user to call and receive SMS messages without using their physical mobile phone. How does it work? IP organizations lease their equipment remotely to a customer or company and he/she is free to use all the possibilities that this VN provides, respectively.

It helps to get a landline number in the city of your choice so that incoming calls to your VN can be forwarded to your mobile phone. What does it mean? You can choose whether you want to receive calls on a mobile or fixed device and you also have the option to order a virtual PBX. It’s easy to get a virtual phone number for USA to take your business to the next level due to a popular Freezvon Company that has a great image.


  • These VNs increase the marketing advantage, as they allow you to use a certain code of American cities/states. This increases the chance that the subscriber will answer the call (including a call from an unknown number). The bottom line here is that many people simply do not answer calls from foreign numbers as this can be a fraud using telephony.
  • The VN is much more cost-effective than either option since there is no need to purchase or maintain any hardware such as wires or cell towers.
  • These services also tend to have features like voicemail transcription and automated customer service options which can save time on mundane tasks while providing better customer satisfaction overall.
  • VNs for ordinary people offer great convenience when making calls abroad without paying outrageous roaming fees.
  • The option allows people to stay connected at all times regardless of where they may find themselves traveling around the world.
  • Many IP providers also offer additional perks like free calling minutes each month depending upon your subscription plan so you get maximum value out of every cent spent! 
  • The cost of the call is another advantage. You won’t be additionally charged in most cases if it’s included in your plan. There is also evidence of savings in terms of using such a number in an office where the company has to serve customers.
  • VNs provide an increased level of security compared to traditional phone numbers. They are not associated with any physical address or location, which makes them difficult to track or trace. Mentioned solutions are also hosted on cloud-based servers and they are more secure from potential hacking attempts.

VN will allow you to set a corporate greeting, which will make your company stand out from the competition. Another advantage is the virtual multichannel number that allows you to connect several phones to one number. Ordering a VN for the USA is the right decision that will inspire more trust from customers.

Attractive American VN will significantly increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. A virtual PBX, the price of which varies depending on the range of additional services provided, will greatly simplify your business, as well as make you forget about missed calls forever.

Additional options

  • Black-and-white lists

It’s a very important and popular feature for PBX. It allows you to maintain lists of contacts for which automatic call-processing rules are set. For example, priority processing can be set for key customers.

  • Automatic forwarding

The Intelligent Contact Management feature remembers who talked to whom. It connects a client to the employee with whom the customer has already communicated, which saves both the time of the person and the company. For example, a client of an online store, having called again to clarify the details of the order, will immediately connect with the operator who accepted the order.

  • Greeting/voice message

The first impression of a potential client about the company depends on this function. An audio file message allows you to convey to the caller information about the name of the company, work schedule (when the call is happening during non-working hours), or other useful information. It will be possible to improve the image of the organization for the target audience due to a competent greeting.


We can say that VNs are extremely interesting and profitable technologies that definitely improve the business level. Freezvon Company can help you choose a suitable American VN for your needs!

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