Marketing uses a wide variety of tools to promote a product or service. These are messengers, mail services, social networks, etc. Each promotion method requires a phone number to be linked. However, an official company number is necessary to communicate with customers and business partners. Therefore, companies are forced to resort to different ways of solving this problem.

Some businesses buy a lot of phones and SIM cards, but this solution is not suitable for all companies. The smaller the business, the less money it has for operating expenses and advertising. Therefore, we have to look for other options. Using a virtual SMS number is one of the successful solutions in many cases.

How are virtual numbers used in marketing?

Virtual numbers can be a valuable tool for companies in their marketing efforts. This brings many benefits, from launching an advertising campaign to tracking the effectiveness of its results, receiving calls, fixing and processing orders, and forming a database of customers who will return for your goods or services again.

Why is it helpful to have different virtual numbers when starting a promotional campaign?

Everything is very simple. When you only have one number, your options are limited. You need to register channels for sending messages in messengers, create a profile on the email service, and have access to various markets at the end (usually). Therefore, it is possible not to occupy the company’s main phone number for this and not to risk its availability to customers and partners. You can receive SMS with a verification code online. This is precisely why there are services that give you the opportunity to use all the advantages of virtual telephony.

In addition, you have some additional opportunities to deploy marketing activities:

  • Tracking the number of calls or messages received on these numbers. This way, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Virtual numbers can be set up to forward calls or messages to specific departments or individuals within the company, providing a more personalized customer experience.
  • Virtual numbers can be used to establish a local presence in new markets without physically setting up an office in that location. For example, a company based in New York can use a virtual number with a Los Angeles area code to target customers in that market.
  • IP telephony is convenient to use to set up dedicated lines for customer support or to set up automated systems to handle common inquiries, allowing businesses to provide better customer service.

Thus, IP telephony significantly increases your chances of getting a hot audience, wide coverage, customer interaction experience with the company’s staff, and the brand’s reputation.

marketing campaign with the virtual number

The benefit of virtual numbers when starting advertising campaigns

Using virtual telephony, you increase your chances of conducting a successful advertising campaign, regardless of the field of activity of the enterprise. Of course, this method of communication brings the most benefit to those businesses that are represented on the Internet.

However, the more you scale and the wider your reach, the more requests you receive from your audience. These can be clarifications on product features, solutions to technical issues, etc. For example, you may be asked to clarify whether this product model is suitable if you sell furniture or appliances. Also, customers will ask about delivery features (even if you specify this information on the site). One phone line is not enough to handle the flow of incoming messages and calls. You need a team to work on it, and the team needs the technical capacity to do the work.

The advantage of a virtual number is that it can be used by several employees simultaneously. Create a separate number for each department:

  • marketing
  • customer service and support
  • internal communications
  • interaction with partners, etc.

With this approach, you will always remain available to your consumers, and they, in turn, will be loyal to your brand.

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