A lot of businesses today are making a switch to VoIP business communication systems. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an advanced technology that allows users to make or receive calls over an internet connection. With the growing adaptability of broadband, a number of businesses, as well as consumers, are finding VoIP an ideal option over traditional phone lines for phone service. 

Types of VoIP Solutions

Below is the list of key VoIP solutions that make communication a seamless experience for the users, have a look:

1. Multi-Tenant Conferencing:

The VoIP multi-tenant audio, video, web conferencing is an ideal solution for all conferencing needs. It allows a flawless communication experience for distant collaborations and virtual events with crystal clear audio and video quality. The solution also allows users to record the conference as and when required for future reference.

2. Multi-tenant IP PBX:

The multi-tenant IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Solution is a reliable, secure, and scalable VoIP solution that facilitates remote collaboration and telephone communication. It provides exceptional flexibility to businesses by offering voice, video and multimedia service via a single network. Apart from connecting remote branches, this solution can also be utilized by businesses to provide PBX services to their tenants.

3. Class4 SoftSwitch:

Class 4 SoftSwitch is a perfect solution for developing superior quality, cost-effective, and scalable VoIP SoftSwitch solutions for telecom companies. The solution allows wholesale providers to deploy brand competitive voice while facilitating intelligent call routing, user-friendly web interface, routing for Class 5 and resellers, load balancing, and much more.

4. Class5 SoftSwitch:

Class 5 SoftSwitch Solution is a smart VoIP solution that allows VoIP service providers to provide feature-rich IP Phone services to their residential clients. The solution can easily integrate e-commerce, invoicing, call routing, and other features into one user-friendly platform. With a simple login into the system, clients can easily manage calls, access IP gateways, and get exclusive AAA billing solutions for telecom companies.

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5. WebRTC:

WebRTC is a VoIP solution that delivers Consistent Connectivity to businesses via Web Browsers. This easy-to-use solution that can run on any WebRTC enabled browser in any platform or OS, facilitates web-enabled, real-time communication. It also comprises features like audio/video calling, chatting, screen sharing, and data sharing.

6. IVR Builder:

This dynamic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) builder VoIP solution delivers a rich caller experience by providing multiple IVR menus. It helps in providing a personalized experience to the customers, which further assists organizations to gain a competitive edge through customer experience and increased brand loyalty. The solution can also be used by the VoIP service providers to provide services to their tenants to generate the IVR menus.

7. FoIP:

The FoIP or Fax over IP solution provides improved faxing quality to enterprises. The solution is designed to provide real-time fax communication. The solution supports Unified Messaging by centralizing voice services and fax along with email, thereby helps in reducing costs.  

8. Multi-Tenant Broadcasting:

The multi-tenant voice & SMS broadcasting solution is an automated VoIP solution that comprises various advanced features like answering machine detection, user-friendly interface, auto redial, etc. The solution is easy to use and integrate and is best suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

9. Contact Center:

The contact center solution is another popular VoIP solution that is designed to Intensify Caller Experience, build loyalty, and enhance productivity. The solution is suitable for all kinds of contact centers including inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers. It facilitates SIP trunk management, DND management, multi-level IVRs, progressive dialer, call recording, campaign management, multi-tenant support, multi-lingual support, and much more.

10. Unified Communication:

A unified communication solution facilitates seamless collaboration and encourages real-time or near real-time communication across multiple channels to enhance productivity. The solution relies on a blend of asynchronous and synchronous communication tools including internet protocol, telephony, emails, and video conferencing that are combined together to form a single communication platform for enterprises.

11. Calling Card Solution:

The calling card is simply a prepaid method that allows users to make long distance (domestic and international) calls at cost-effective rates. This VoIP solution provides various calling options to calling card providers so that they can make a choice and opt for the best one that can enhance their business profitability.

Today, businesses prefer to hire VoIP developers and utilize advanced VoIP development services to streamline their communication process on various platforms. Some of the key VoIP services that are high in demand these days include:

  • VoIP development for applications
  • VoIP software and modules development
  • VoIP solutions customization

There are numerous VoIP development services providing companies that make use of various open source VoIP platforms to serve the assorted VoIP requirements of businesses. Some of these open-source platforms include:

  • FreeSWITCH
  • Asterisk
  • WebRTC
  • OpenSIPs
  • Kamailio

As the VoIP platform is so vast, it might be virtually impossible for businesses to find a single developer who is proficient in all the above-mentioned VoIP technologies. In such a case, it is advisable to hire a VoIP development company that provides specialists in these technologies to deliver business-specific VoIP development services.  


On the whole, VoIP is an advanced yet easy to use and set up. Moreover, it is beneficial for both personal and business calling purposes. As compared to traditional phone systems, it allows more cost savings, which is again a strong reason to opt for VoIP services. 

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