Technology has been running at the speed of light because so much has been invented in the 21st century that human beings completely rely on it nowadays. From booking tickets to ordering food, everything can be done using the fingertip. The technology definitely has made human beings lazy but on the other hand, it has solved a gazillion of problems as well. 

To deliver quality-driven websites, web apps, and mobile applications, the information technology masterminds or programming geeks use different technologies to deliver the solution to their customer’s problems. 

One of the most widely used technologies is Azurewave technology. So, what is Azurewave technology, and how can you use Azurewave technology on my wifi? In this tutorial, you will get answers to all your questions. 

So, without wasting any more seconds, let’s move ahead, and get introduced to one of the most advanced technologies that people use today. Make sure that while exploring the products simultaneously to know more, you are using a good internet connection so that you can check the product’s detailed features without interruption. 

What is Azurewave Technology?

As you know that today the Internet Of Things is taking over the IT world, and in near future, you will get to see some powerful technologies, Azurewave technology on my wifi is a part of it. It is a wifi card that is produced for the IoT device of some type. 

The company is known for delivering trustworthy, and smart products such as wireless fidelity (WI-FI), Bluetooth products, GPS, and more. You can purchase all of these as per your requirements directly from the organization at the most suitable prices.

History of the Azurewave Technology:

Founded in the year 2005, Azurewave Technology is a company whose headquarter is located in Taiwan. It is the most leading, and popular organization that provides image processing, and wireless connectivity solutions to its customers. 

So, if you are wondering how, and what is azurewave technology on my wifi, then above is the answer. Moving ahead, let us see what they do, and how the device remains connected to your wifi network. 

What does the Azurewave Technology on my Wifi do?

The Azurewave device connected the wireless devices to 6 different regions, and because of this connectivity, it ended up generating the Wi-Fi elements for the PC devices and Internet Of Things. 

Azurewave Technology creates small modules that are made using digital processing tools, and using this you can combine the wireless availability and Wi-Fi of any particular device. You can use the products on various gadgets such as laptops, PC, internet devices, electronics, manufacturing services, home appliances, and more. 

What do you get in Azurewave Device?

From the company, along with the Azurewave Technology, you also get camera modules, M.2 solder own, M.2 socket type, solder down a stamp, and more. There are some R&D modules – Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Digital Camera in about 6 countries. So, these are some of the most advantageous things that you will be getting after using this technology on the machine.

Which are the different Azurewave Technology Modules?

Wireless Modules

The wireless modules include WLAN (Wi-FI), Bluetooth, WWAN connectivity along with MM.2 1216 solder down module, M.2 1630/2230 socket type module, and you can host it on software that connects functions from other processors as well. 

Camera Modules

For capturing photos on various devices the product includes a 360 panomorph lens camera that gives good support to cameras, action cameras, smartphones, and other photo clicking devices. If you will be using Azurewave Technology, then it is assured that you will get a super-duper quality picture because of the ultra-smart format. 

IoT Modules

The IoT modules remain connected with the objects, and machines. It is embedded with a Wi-Fi network that gets and sends the data. With the help of cloud facilities, you can take the advantage of the IoT modules.

Top 3  Most Popular Products of Azurewave Technology:

1. AzureWave AW-CE123H

The AzureWave AW-CE123H comes with a bluetooth connectivity option having IEEE data link protocol. The combo module is infused with a highly integrated solution that gives you a high speed, and diverse technology usage.

2. AzureWave AW-NB087H

The AzureWave AW-NB087H includes IEEE 802.11 chipset having bluetooth as its hardware interface. When you connect it, you can get up to 150Mbps high-speed internet connectivity, and do your task without any disturbance. 

3. AzureWave AW-NB037

Having IEEE 802.11, the AzureWave technology also includes 2 antennas, and provides high speed wireless connection that gives a speed of 150 MBPs. It also comes with a fully qualified Bluetooth v3.0 that makes it easy for the users to connect the product with different devices or sharing files. 

Mentioned above are the top 3 Azurewave technology products that you can use. Apart from these also, there are multiple products that you can purchase depending upon your requirement. For more detailed product information, you can access their official website. 


That being said, these are some of the advantages that you will get if you will make yourself comfortable with the products made using the Azurewave technology. 

The internet is taking over the world by making people dependent on it for even the smallest tasks, and if these technologies won’t be working then a life of millions will stop for sure. 

As you now know everything about the Azurewave technology, we hope that the tutorial was helpful to you, and you got answers to all your questions, and doubts. 

If you are still in a dilemma about whether you should buy the products or not then you should explore a bit more about how this technology will solve your problem. 

Stay tuned with us to read more information on various types of technologies that have been invented by IT masterminds to solve our daily life problems, and don’t forget to remain physically active in life as well. We will be right back with more interesting information on different subjects. Till then keep reading, and sharing the tutorial. 

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