The invention of WhatsApp has always been a blessing for millions of users. It was discovered by the cooperate development of Brian Acton and Jan Koum. The first release of the WhatsApp application was in January 2009. 

The application was soon acquired by Facebook in the year 2014 for approximately US$19.3 Billion. The WhatsApp API was developed in the year 2018 and has successfully served its requirements. This blog is all about the invention of WhatsApp API and its different uses. 

To know the benefits, you need to understand what WhatsApp API is and what is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp API? Basically, the WhatsApp application, developed in the year 2009, is used for the sharing of different contents and media through a single application. 

It is more appropriate to be called a social media application, although many social media marketers deny the idea of calling the WhatsApp application to be social media. As the main purpose of the application is to share text messages, voice messages, video calls, voice calls, and share images with all your acquaintances. 

The only limitation of the application is that it only lets you share the contents with the people on your contact list. Through this process, the developers have tried to maintain the privacy boundaries of the users.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp API is the platform created by Facebook in the year 2018 to give its users a larger maintained application that can be a secured business platform online. The acronym WhatsApp API stands for the WhatsApp application programming interface. 

To understand the concept of WhatsApp API, you need to dig into the problems faced by small businesses as well as e-commerce while connecting with their customers. 

Many e-commerce websites use their own platform for exchanging information about the products or services they are selling. But, there are many business owners who have not developed their own website or platform. 

They preferred to use the WhatsApp API as their only source of conversation. As we all know, the conversation is the key to the successful growth of the business. 

Thus, the WhatsApp API lets you have a bigger platform where you can communicate with your clients and customers all over the world. You can also share different contents such as information, catalogs, and order updates through the WhatsApp API. 

There are different situations which are to be faced by the business owners when it comes to their small business and its maintenances, like:

  • To communicate with the customers to discuss the customization of the products or services, if any.
  • To communicate with the suppliers or the dealers to communicate with the availability of the products or services, and 
  • To share the updates at different intervals of time. Updates can be of different types such as the money received, the sharing of safe payment options, and many more. 


The WhatsApp API is the most reliable platform that is serving millions of business owners and customers all over the world. It lets you secure communication with customers all over the world through a single gateway. The pro tip of the application is that it assures you that all the conversation with your customers is well encrypted from both the end.

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