Moving cross-country can be very stressful — proper planning and organizing takes at least two months.

Making a packing list, hiring movers, getting packing supplies, changing your address, making sure everything is running smoothly in your new home before moving in — there are so many things to consider when making this step.

Thankfully, technology has its ways of making things much simpler for you, and you are about to find how with this selection of moving tips for tech users.

Packing Tips for Moving

Any moving guide begins by stating you need to make lists. Whether for packing items or for carrying out various tasks upon departure and arrival, this is as true as can be. Organization and planning ahead are key to a successful move. The good thing about list-making today is the fact that there are so many free organizing apps to choose from that planning will be a breeze. 

You can make to-do lists and share them with family members and friends that help out with the move, assigning tasks to them and establishing deadlines. You can categorize the items you need to pack by destination room or how fragile they are. You can make shopping lists for packing supplies so that when the day comes you have everything ready. And all these lists will be just one click away on all your devices.

Besides apps for making and keeping track of lists, you can also use tech for properly labeling everything you need to move. You can assign numbers and colors to boxes in order to better keep track of where everything goes. This will help movers load and unload your things without messing them up. And all you need for this is your regular word editor and a printer. If you don’t want to cut the labels yourself and stick them with tape, buy sticker paper from any stationery store nearby.

To keep an eye on important items while moving them, put smart trackers in those boxes and monitor them from your phone. Make sure they are the first things to get into the house, away from the hustle and bustle of unloading.

Tech You Need in Your New Home

To ensure a smooth and easy transition into your new space, first and foremost you need a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can contact your current ISP and see if they offer services where you are moving to. They will most certainly try to help you relocate by transferring the existing contract to the new address. If that is not the case, research available ISPs ahead of time and make sure everything is already set by moving day.

Moving is always a great opportunity to improve a house without affecting anybody’s schedule. For peace of mind, give your new home a smart lock and a smoke alarm that contacts you in case of an emergency, and install outdoor security cameras. If you share your Wi-Fi network with others — for work, school, or entertainment — it might be a good idea to also upgrade your internet router.

Moving Out Tips in a Nutshell

By making tech your best friend throughout the entire moving process, you make sure you get adjusted to your new space and lifestyle quickly, easily, and effectively.

Adapt these moving across country tips to your own pre-moving-day plan and enjoy a stress-free transition. And remember to ask for help when you need it, be it from family members, close friends, neighbors, or tech professionals.

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