Technology has enabled people to connect and interact with each other despite the long distances between them. One form of communication developed thanks to modern technology is Citizens Band (CB) radios. 

The CB radio is a form of communication different groups utilize for various purposes. If you want to learn more, read on. 

But first, you ought to learn about what CB radios are. It’ll be explained in the following section.

What Are CB Radios

CB radios were first used as a form of line communication during the final phase of the Second World War, and an engineer named Al Gross invented them. CB radios were primitive at first yet proven themselves effective during battles. Then, Gross retooled their invention, enhancing the CB radio to become a form of two-way communication that posed several benefits to its users. 

CB radios are a product of the United States (US) Federal Communications Commission (FCC) creation of the Citizens Radio Service in the 1940s. The reason behind the FCC’s move is to monitor and regulate mobile radiotelephones and remote-control units across the country, akin to Gross’ invention a few years back. Soon after, the government body allowed the use of CB antennas and radios – first as a special class of communication and then as a form of hobby. 

In the US, 40 channels are dedicated to CB radio use, with certain federal limitations on antenna height, power, range, and the like.

Based on data, CB radios reached peak mass appeal in the 1970s. Although the number of individuals utilizing CB radios for their main form of communication has dramatically dropped these past few years, they’re still used today by different groups. The following section will discuss who tends to use CB radios today for communication and the like. Continue reading. 

What Are CB Radios

Who Uses CB Radios

Though CB radios have been around for decades, they’re still used by a variety of people today. From truckers to off-roaders, hikers to survivalists, CB radios provide a reliable means of communication for many different groups of people. 

  • Truck Drivers

Truckers are one of the most well-known groups of CB radio users. In fact, about 75% of truckers use CB radios almost every single day in the whole country. CB radios provide an essential tool for truckers to communicate with each other about road conditions, traffic, and other important information regarding transport. 

Further, truckers were able to form a culture around the use of CB radios during the technology’s early days. Today, many truckers across the country practice CB radio culture by speaking lingo only understandable to fellow truckers that use CB radio and so on. 

  • Off-Road Enthusiasts

Off-roaders, including recreational vehicle (RV) owners, motorcyclists, and hobbyists, make use of CB radios as well. CB radios are useful in keeping groups of individuals organized and in contact during get-togethers outdoors. 

  • Campers And Hikers

In addition, hikers and campers that love to explore remote areas may use CB radios as a means of communication. In areas where cell phone service is unreliable or non-existent, CB radios provide a way for both campers and hikers to stay in touch with each other and with emergency services if needed. 

  • Uniformed Personnel

Uniformed personnel, including emergency personnel, local area government officers, and workers of public utility companies, utilize CB radios too. In times of disaster or emergency, CB radios provide a reliable means of communication when other communication methods may fail.

  • Survivalists

Survivalists may use CB radios as part of their emergency preparedness plans as well. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, CB radios can provide a way for survivalists to communicate with each other and with nearby emergency services.

  • Businesses

In addition to these specific groups of people, business corporations may use CB radios for short-range communication as well. 

Take the following as an example. Manufacturing plants can utilize CB radios by including it on their team members’ communication lines. Manufacturing line operators, leaders, and shift leads can utilize CB radios to communicate with each other while they’re engaged in operations on the production floor. 

The abovementioned are just a few examples of individuals that use CB radios. Nevertheless, one can’t discount the importance of CB radios in different sectors. 

In Summary

CB radios are used by a wide variety of people for many different reasons. Whether for work, play, or emergency preparedness, CB-powered radios provide a reliable means of communication for many different groups.

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