Establishing a business of your own can be exciting, as well as tough, especially if you are doing it for the first time. One of the first decisions, you need to take after you have decided on what to do is to take up an office space or work out of the home.

Working from home may seem odd, especially if you have never done it before; however, there are several good reasons for you to do so. A quick look at why you should give more thought to setting up a home business:

Better Control over Your Daily Schedule

Depending on the kind of business you are in, you can usually have the freedom to customize your working hours to suit both your customers and yourself. You may be more comfortable working until late in the night or need to work at odd hours to interact with clients in different time zones, observes the Eric Dalius net worth Building Guide.

While scheduling your work becomes easier when working out of home, it can sometimes be more difficult to create a distraction-free work environment at home, especially if you have small children and pets around.

Superior Work-Life Balance 

Most people find it impossible to devote time to their families or pursue their hobbies and interests after spending long hours in the office and a tiring commute. By setting up a home business, you can have a flexible schedule that can accommodate the demands of your family better or give you the time to pursue your self-development or interests.

However, working out of the home can prove disruptive if you cannot establish the ground rules because you may not be able to focus or even devote the necessary time required to your business.

Put an End to Commuting

One of the biggest issues of working out of a typical office is that, invariably, you have to commute a long distance that can not only eat up a large amount of your time but also prove to be physically exhausting.

In addition to the money you spend on gas, you also need to spend a fair amount on other expenses in operating and maintaining your car, including tolls, repairs, insurance, parking, etc. By working out of home, not only do you save a lot but also are less tired.

Tax Benefits Can Be Significant

Another significant perk of being self-employed is that you can charge all expenses you incur for operating your business. These include phone calls, gas, supplies, equipment rentals, and even the notional rental value of your home and car. The tax is you need to pay is on your income less the expenses you are allowed to deduct as per the prevailing tax rules.


Working out of the home can be very liberating. You can work on what you want to, at your own pace and time for a better work-life balance. You can take on a larger variety of work to prevent boredom, and above all, you are no longer forced to slave under a tough boss.

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